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An Indigo Child is a Gift To Yourself

From Mon Feb 19 18:10:33 2001

To parents of Indigos

To have an indigo child is a gift to yourself. You have made soul agreements before you were born to take care of an indigo child later in your life. You are what the child needs to grow and learn and the child will bring so much growth to you too.

The needs of your children can hit you strongly right in the face when a child crosses your boundaries that they see no need for. Adjust those boundaries and learn from them. Boundaries are created from fears. When the fears can be released, the boundaries can be safely removed. This will remove much of the friction that occurs.

Treat the child as you would an adult with respect for them and their knowledge. In many ways they are not children and the books on handling children, parenting and education need to be rewritten. The Indigo child is wise beyond their years. Their minds are in more than one reality and see things differently than you do. Both are correct from their own perception of reality. The Indigos are here as teachers, forerunners of our future evolution. They bring gifts of Love, compassion, knowledge as well as abilities due to their DNA activation.

Each day as you teach your child a wonder of this reality system we are in, accept a gift of knowledge from your child in something they do differently. Be the student yourself and learn together. Both centering in love.

To the parents, do not be surprised if you are a "dormant Indigo." You must have compatible DNA to create, carry and birth this child, they are a part of you and you are a part of them. Their being with you is also helping to further activate your own dormant DNA. Opening your heart and soul to what the children have to offer makes this so much easier.

Smile, laugh, and find ways to enjoy all your child is and that you are all becoming, together.

Namaste, Richard Davis

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