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Top 9 Picks by Winter

Editor's Note - these are the opinion of this contributor. Please note, many of these are listed as having explicit lyrics. Ok with me, but some people might object to it, so be forewarned. I have added my best guess as to the style of music, listed in italics following the description.)

  1. incubus (the album S.C.I.E.N.C.E.-go buy it on cd, and put it in your computer and play the game about the evolved kids (yeah no kidding!) then read every lyric) - funk metal/alternative rock

  2. 311 (every album, but start with transistor-read the lyrics) - rap metal

  3. (hed)p.e. (these guys were egyptians, and mayans..the first album...track 8, is real good) - rap metal

  4. tool (tool is the most evolved brain music EVER. start with the 3rd album- read the inside...then lisen to the last two tracks-try meditating to them...or buy the new tool box set) heavy metal

  5. aceyalone (the album, "a book of human languge") - hip hop

  6. bright eyes (the album "fevers and mirrors") - baroque pop

  7. perfect circle (lead singer of tool..'s side project) - mellow with heavy guitar

  8. gang starr "moment of truth" - hip-hop

  9. roni size (everything this guy does is crazy...but get the new one called, "in the mode" - drum 'n bass/electronica

-BUT START WITH INCUBUS...i've seen them live 15 time in 3 years....

by Winter, age 20