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Yes! I've been waiting for someone to get intrested in music. Well first of all I must say I have been recently in search of new music because my collection is dated. But a few of my cd's are really good for me. A real popular artist or group for me is 311. I have somewhat documented them over some years and they really have a fix on things. It's great because they have really taken the initiative to get people to think about things without letting emotion or fear get in the way. I REALLY admire that.. their current album is 311 System and it is highly recommended.

Some others are Madonna. She has highly woken up over the years. I really havent got into the real generics of music yet but I can really Recommend 311. Radiohead is another group that uses deep sarcasm and mysticism to quietly blend in ideas and emotions. Something that highly motivates me at times. Their new Album Kid A is really a breakthrough album in ROCK.

Anyways my name is Zack and I'm 17 and when I get really transfixed in other genres i'd be happy to voice my opinion.

~Love Zack (Indigo age 17)

I got two words about the type of music I like...HAPPY HARDCORE! Trance is good too. I like especially DJ Brisk, Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, Sasha, Keoki, Anabolic Frolic, Scooter, and of course, DJ Dara...Great fun, great music...great dancing..

I'm Dance Wizard Fujimino a.k.a. Horus a.k.a Joe Wasiqi and I would be seventeen...I think...sometimes I wonder.


I like most kinds of music :) I DON'T like most rap, and the kind of country that's slow and sad and lonesome-sounding. Other than that, I enjoy most anything. My favorite two CD's at the moment are by Gaelic Storm, a self titled album and Hailing Cats. It's basically Irish music, but it's really pretty unique. Only one member of the group is actually from Ireland... I like mostly upbeat music that makes you want to get up and dance. :) Sorry I can't be very specific :)

Peace, Happiness, Love, Light, and Smiles! :)

~Elena, age 14. :)

My daughter (age 15) Desiree's favorites are:

Cypress Hill

low density music, usually strong bass beats, lyrics of breaking through control, etc...

~from Shelli



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