Indigo Music for Children

Noah - Age 2

The 60's Music....

This is Funny, because Noah is only 2. We are in our late Twenties. We have a wide Variety of Music, and Noah loves a wide variety also. His absolute favorite is Joni Mitchell- Hits He loves this album He will also listen to Bob Dylan, and America.

He also on the other side loves Opera Phantom and Andrea Bocelli He like the Cranberries, Dave Matthews Band, and Enya. I have to say that all of these are his favorites. Oh and we can't forget The Sound of Music, and Some Madonna, although I think I influenced those!!!! HAHA

One more... Musical instrument pieces.. Like Jazz piano, New Orleans Style..

I also Believe that some might like what was Familiar to them. Like in there last closest life here. So Noah might like the Jazzy new Orleans Style because maybe he remembers that from a past life, or opera, ect. Just my take on it...

This is fun, hope it helps

P.S. If Noah likes a song, He tells you, and then we have to play it over and over and over!! He dances different to each song

Grace's 3 1/2 yr old

Thought I'd share my 3 1/2 yr-old's fave songs with you.

Top of the list is

  1. My Way by Frank Sinatra (hmmm....)
  2. Lift Me Up - Geri Halliwell
  3. Keep On Movin' - 5ive
  4. I Try - Macy Gray
  5. I'm Like A Bird - Nelli Furtado
  6. Save The World - Eurythmics
  7. Bye Bye Bye - 'NSync

~by Grace

Victor - Age 8

My son Victor (age 8) loves classical music and also modern music if it has enough melody and rhythm

I (42) like classical vocal music, symphonies and piano- music - I like it best when it is dramatic (like Beethoven, Wagner, Mahler, ...).

I like all kinds of music, if it has any melody of interest; jazz and country I only like live - I can't stand it from discs.


Regina's 10 yr old granddaughter

Hi Wendy. Well, I asked my granddaughter and here's her list:

Limp Biskit
3 doors down
Destiny's Child
Dixie Chicks

She also likes -
Faith Hill
Toby Keith
Shania Twain

Some of the names I recognize, others I've never heard of. Does this mean I'm getting old. Here's one I forgot: Dream. Who the heck are these people anyhow? Oh, by the way she's 10 years old.

Love and Blessings.

Katherine's Daughter

Hi Wendy. It has seemed funny to me that my daughter who lives these traits the strongest listens to the same music that I and my partner, who also holds these traits do.We have almst 30 years difference! Neil Young is a big one for her and her friend who also is this way. They both love all of his old music especially, and are more drawn to 60's music than todays.

David - Age 11

My son David (11) likes almost everything (even the stuff I pray he doesn't :-) ). From Andre Boccelli to Backstreet boys. He loves music!

Savage Garden (today's music) is a favorite of OURS, especially the CD affirmations.

I believe I'm an older Indigo (46). The moody blues was one of my favorites and always will be. We all like Yanni. There is more but I can't think of them all :-)