Music Preferred by Indigo Adults

Stella's favorite music:

I love everything from Prince to Vivaldi and Mozart, depending upon my mood! I could not pick a "favorite" band or album, just like I couldn't pick a favorite food or place I've visited in the world! Some of my favorite bands and albums are:

  • the Beatles, especially Rubber Soul Album,
  • Elvis Presley's Hound Dog and Don't Be Cruel (that's a 45 rpm record) when I was 12,
  • Little Richard's Long Tall Sally, also when I was 12 (also a 45)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis' Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  • the song Rapture
  • the song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

I have several drumming CD's that I really love at certain times (when my root chakra needs tuning)

  • ditto Tibetan monks chanting
  • Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto (which dissolves me to tears)
  • I have several albums of harp music,
  • some Eastern/Japanese,
  • some Christmas
    carols, which I love,
  • also harp and flute duets

The music that I listen to has to be HAPPY. I do not listen to anything that causes me to feel SAD. (i.e., "Unbreak My Heart" by Celine Dion." A beautiful song that makes me sob uncontrollably.)

Music affects me Big Time!

I mainly love anything in a minor key, with great attitude/rhythm such as Latin/tango or Turkish/ Arabic/belly dance music. This began when I was 2 or 3 (I remember the very first song that I fell in love with). I was born into a musical family where all kinds of music was listened to and appreciated. At 3 or 4 I could sing all the words to Broadway musicals because my parents had the albums.

If you could see my CD collection, you would think it belongs to a dozen different people!

You can list my name *Stella* and my age is 56! (I do not believe it, but it's true...)

Love & Light from *Stella*

I'm an adult indigo. I think Alanis Morissette is too. Her one song "Joining You" (from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie) seems to me to describe the relationship between two lifelong indigo friends. I think there are many signs of her energy color in that album and probably in Jagged Little Pill to a lesser extent.

Jewel's album Spirit has a depth that appeals to me.

I also like Creed, Matchbox 20, Led Zepplin, Lisa Loeb...

Hope that helps!

Music...pushed my buttons...the Enigma stuff...particularly the Enigma2 -Cross of Changes, "Return to Innocence" this song brought me back to my roots with Lemuria with movement and dance and toning...Enigma -The screen behind the mirror all of the songs...this album (hmm, dating me isn't it)..this CD brings forth processing abilities quite orderly...the music draws you in and assists with connecting to universe and then to answer any questions you have and then to celebrate in the knowledge and celebrate with whom you's a great one I listen to over and over...the absolute best for connecting with galactic family...

Other CD is David Arkenstone Citizen of the assists with earth connection going in and out of past and future stuff...With an awesome introduction, it takes you deep into an amazon forest on a wonderfilled journey...and takes you to all the places in the world...

Will Ackerman is awesome...the Conferring with the Moon is the absolute best for me during meditation/movement...I played this CD over and over again for 8 months as I did an hour of Tai Chi Chih every single was the right pace and was not let me work at the pace I wanted to and my movements and the music meshed quite well together.

That's it at this point for music pushing my buttons...

Much love,
~Sara JOY :-)

10 -- THE BELOVED - sweet harmony
09 -- MADONNA - rain
08 -- ACE OF BASE - wheel of fortune
07 -- MARIAH CAREY - i`ll be there
06 -- ROBIN S - show me love
05 -- M PEOPLE - one night in heaven
04 -- REM - nightswimming
03 -- 4 NON BLONDES - what`s up
01 -- GABRIELLE - dreams

Ranko's Top Ten List with Links to Lyrics

a list by Ranko, Indigo age 23