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Please see the channeling by Metagifted's Director, Wendy Chapman, of the Indigo Children - which discusses School shootings.

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Caring for the Children in the New Millennium

by Sananda and the Children
through Carolyn Holtgrewe

March 20, 1998

Overview by Sananda

Oh, my beloveds! I come to you filled with joy for long have I awaited this opportunity to speak to an issue which is so very close to my heart. At last the divine timing is at hand when I may more freely discourse about the children, the beautiful beautiful children who are beginning to grace your planet with their presence. First, however, let me begin by reminding you that nothing upon the earth plane has ever been static and all kingdoms are in a state of transformation. The very cells and the atoms and molecules which comprise the varying life forms are in process of transforming, of mutating. They are becoming atoms of light which vibrate at a much higher frequency than that to which you have been accustomed. What was once a very long slow process of evolution has suddenly been accelerated greatly impacting everything on the planet which includes you, of course.

For adults, the heavier vibrations of matter under which you passed your growing up years are giving way to a higher, lighter, more refined level of vibration. This, of course, has impacted significantly the nature of the children which began incarnating in the 1990's and I wish to make commentary about them. These children who shall come of age in the next century bring a special gift to the world -- a level of love and remembrance and knowing not heretofore possible.

They are the next wave of teachers for the planet. They are very evolved beings of light who have come in joyful service to humanity. They are your future. They will lead you into the beautiful new world that awaits you, if you will but allow them to help you. Do not force them into the old molds for they do not fit there. They have arrived with new higher level imprints for humanity encoded within their beingness. These children have never had incarnations on this planet. In fact, they have never had physical incarnations anywhere before. This is an entirely new experience for them. They are coming from the 6th dimension and they are bringing great spiritual wisdom with them.

In these times, more than ever before, it would be wise for you who are now or will become parents, to remember that your children are not you. At other levels of your beingness you have made agreements with them to allow them to come through you into the earth plane experiencing. I wish to repeat: they come through you but they are not you. They are each unique and come with their own personalities, talents and agendas. Do not expect them to live out your dreams for they have their own.

Many of these children born now and into your future will confound and exasperate their elders for they come here at this time with very definite missions. Although they retain more of their knowing, they are still somewhat veiled. It becomes your task to love them unconditionally, to support and encourage them in their explorations and to help them discover their purpose for being here, their missions. And to be appropriate role models for them. These beings definitely will not live by bread alone!

Higher Energy Children

Many of these children will be highly energetic and highly excitable for they carry different neurological wiring in their bodies. They will demand much love and understanding from their families and their communities. These children may appear to be society's misfits and, in a way, they are for they herald the arrival of the sixth root race, the Indigo Race, upon your planet. They are the forerunners of even higher dimensional beings to come.

These children may well spout spiritual truths at an early age and exhibit an understanding of the world beyond their chronological years. Many will also exhibit the tendency to want to withdraw from the company of others so they can be alone with their thoughts. You will find that they need a certain amount of "alone time" to replenish themselves. If they don't get it naturally, as a matter of course, they may well act up so you will be forced to give it to them through such means you call "time outs."

Ritual in the Home

As parents, you would do well to bolster yourselves with some metaphysical studies. It would be desirable to initiate family meditation times with soft, soothing music as background wherein everyone may share in a spiritual communion together. Even small children can learn to center themselves. Simple prayers and the lighting of candles can also aid in bringing a sense of the sacred into the home. Create a little ceremony which allows each family member to participate in some way. Also, children know there are angels around. Encourage those connections. Allow the angelic kingdom to participate in these miraculous times upon the earth plane. It is their chosen service to guide humanity--children and adults.

Dream Time Experiencing

Listen to your children when they wish to share their dream time experiencing. Contrary to popular opinion, dreams are very important. This is the time when the soul can communicate directly with the personality without the intervention of the ego. Much information is transmitted about the nature of the earth plane experiencing which impacts the survival of the incarnated beings. Here also are lessons taught and keys given for solving the varied personal problems which earth plane living generates. In the dream state scenes of upcoming events are rehearsed giving the opportunity of trying out different roles in a non-threatening way.

From time to time, your children may report distinct but puzzling feelings of "been there, done that" as an event is unfolding in the physical. This is known as deja vu wherein the memory of something experienced at other levels first is carried forward into the conscious mind and the playing out of the event triggers the memory. Although this is actually quite a common occurrence, it nevertheless can be rather startling when one is moving through the experience at the physical level. Dreams bring the messages of the soul and are relayed through symbols rather than words. Therefore, it behooves even the children to learn this language so they may avail themselves of the guidance given in their dreams.


Encourage your children to appreciate and respect nature, to feel the ground, to observe the plants and animals as they cycle through the seasons. And teach them to love and respect their pets. If possible, take them to the shore and into the mountains and across the great plains. Let them see first hand the grandeur of the planet. Ask them what they are seeing and feeling and perhaps even hearing for they will not see, hear or feel as you do. Listen to them. They are wise. They know the sensory organs are becoming multi-purposed. For example, they may touch a colored object and not only feel it and see it but also hear the sound of the color. Let them teach you so you may share in their delight. Perhaps you will awaken your senses as well.


Know also that with the blending of the lower astral planes into the physical plane, your children may see figures, shapes and other apparitions passing through their energy field or otherwise inhabiting the environment. Children are more likely to see these than their parents because they have fewer preconceived notions about what is or is not permissible for them to see. These waking visions are valid and may be amusing or frightening. For those who have these visions, it is a sign of clairvoyance and wise is the parent who does not lightly dismiss these experiencings of their children. Encourage your children to talk about these experiences and laugh with them or commiserate with them but allow them to give voice to these sightings. Work with your children to pass these entities into the guiding hands of the angelic forces who will in turn lead them to their appropriate places in other planes of existence.

Community Resources

As parents there may well be other behaviors exhibited which will surprise and baffle you. Be not too hasty in your assessments for your children are not crazy. They do not need to be carted off to see some psychiatrist who will wish to fill them up with inappropriate chemical mixtures as a means of controlling them. They do not understand either and their treatments are guided by the paradigms of the past. If you are somewhat bewildered about how to care for and raise these children, seek appropriate guidance from those who understand metaphysical and spiritual principles and the transmutation of energy. Teachers to assist in all of these areas abound upon your planet. They have been in training for years in order to be of assistance to those in need in these times of great changes. It is their chosen service so avail yourselves of their wisdom and guidance. My dearest ones, it has brought me great joy to bring you this message and I say to you give your children your utmost attention. They will teach you much and you are well blessed by them. Love them unconditionally. Bless them mightily. Cherish them greatly for they are your teachers. They come here with so much love to share, and they come with peace, harmony, tolerance and joy in their hearts. Yes, my beloved ones, listen well for they carry lessons in wisdom for you. I withdraw now and allow the children to speak for themselves. Thank you for allowing this sharing. Adonai Sananda.

The Children's Message

Many greetings we bring to you in this divine timing. We are so excited to be able to present our message for you! We are bursting with joy and anticipation as we prepare to take our turns upon the earth plane. We are your future selves coming to meet you in this Now-moment. We come with the power to complete the shifting of Planet Earth if you will but give us credence, if you will but love us and trust us enough to lead you out of the wilderness of illusion that blankets this planet. Has it not been written that "a child shall lead them?" That Holy Child, Jesus, has come and gone from your earth plane but he has blessed us and empowered us to carry on with the planetary mission of Ascension. Although we come as babes, we are masters and are most eager for our incarnations. Of course, many many of us are already here in your midst but you know us not for we are not yet present in sufficient numbers to have merited your attention.

At this time, we represent the anomaly to you rather than the norm. But that will change. We are of the Oneness so from the viewpoint of the collective, we are as One but in order to serve you better and at a more personal level, we shall project ourselves outward as fragments of the Oneness and into the mortal world of space and time as individual incarnations. This is the way in which we can best serve in the many places we are needed. Remember, too, that as masters we come in many guises -- rich, poor, healthy or with varying degrees of physical afflictions. This is not to hoodwink you, so to say, but we ask that you do not judge us by our outward appearances. We have carefully chosen our roles so as to assist you in raising your vibrations, to move into the paradigm of the New Millennium.

And to all of you Lightworkers who have served so tirelessly for so long and with such dedication, we say we know you are weary and long to return home. When your service is completed, call to us and we will be waiting for you at that gateway between the worlds. Extinguish not your torches as you pass from this world into the next for we stand in eager readiness to accept your lamps of Light. Pass your torches to us and we will carry on with the mission. Proudly shall we raise them high as we bring into the Earth plane the Light of our beloved Creator and the flame of freedom that burns eternally within the human soul.

We honor you and we love you greatly. We bless you and we give you our deepest gratitude for it is through the fulfilling of your commitments of service that our incarnations have been made possible. The world awaits us! Peace and joy we give to you, our dear sisters and brothers, and boundless blessings. We are the Children of the New Millennium.

A Different Dream

Sananda and the Children
through Carolyn Holtgrewe

June 3, 1999

Sananda's Overview

Salutations from the Hierarchy of Light, dear ones. This is Sananda and I come forth from the flow of the divine time and insert myself into these moments of your linear time frame to make commentary concerning certain events taking place upon the earth plane which have caused great consternation among you, particularly concerning your children. Nothing is "wrong" with them from our viewpoint, for we do not judge earthly matters as such but I will say that you have reached a point in your evolution as the human species where the Violet race experiencing is being drawn to a close and the evolution of the Indigo race is beginning. Therefore, there are naturally confrontations and conflicts arising as a result of this. It is as if two great rivers ~ one old, one new ~ coming from two different directions are converging at the same point and emptying their contents into the sea of humanity's consciousness. In this now-time there is a resulting clash of forces and energies. The older river could be said to be the Violet Race, the fifth root race of the planet. The newer river can be called the Indigo Race and is the sixth root race. In these cases, there are always those of the "old guard" who attempt to hang on to the old ways by any means possible against the inroads of the "new guard" into their territory. Misunderstandings and miscommunications abound and the true spiritual purpose for this clashing is hidden from view.

In this message I wish to speak to you of what are called the Indigo children. They ride the Indigo Ray and have a specific purpose on Earth. They are here to change the world and they will do whatever it takes, including sacrificing themselves in the process when necessary. It is their mission and one which they have wholeheartedly accepted. To this point I would remind you that they know that the earth plane is a plane of illusion. They know they live beyond the physical body they currently inhabit. At other levels of your beingness you are also well aware of this fact. You were required to forget this when you took your embodiment but in your own wake-up process you shall remember.

These children will point out many ills that are pervasive in the current society. They will call attention in any way they can for they are here to shift the planet's populations from fear to love. There will not be peace in the world until the hearts are changed, until lives are lived in love and cooperation instead of fear and competition. It is the turning of the hearts, not the turning of the laws that will make the difference.

If the members of a society wish to know what is wrong in its country they can look to the behavior of the children. If they wish to know what is right with their society, they can also look to their children. This being said, however, understand that in the spiritual realms there is no judgment of "right" or "wrong" placed upon one's behavior. Perhaps you would prefer to look upon this concept as "life enhancing" or "life diminishing" instead of the labels of right or wrong. Remember that all things are expressions of the Oneness and are for the benefit of the growth of all of us, including Creator.

As I stated, they are here to point out the ills of humanity by bringing the issues sharply into focus to enhance your understanding. Their approach will not be subtle, for society has long closed its eyes and ears and hearts to the issues brought up through subtle means. As a planetary population, you are running out of time. Therefore, you may well find their behavior outrageous in order to command your attention and to engage you in meaningful dialogue at a national or even world level. They have brilliant minds so you can anticipate that the plans they create will also be brilliant. These children have undertaken a great mission and they only have a limited amount of time in which to fulfill it. You of the fifth root race, the Violet generations, need to understand that they are vastly different from you. Their DNA is different. The neurological wiring in their bodies is different. They see more, feel more and innately know more than their elders. They know their mission and will not be deterred from their path.

A big key to understanding these children is to know that they will do whatever it takes to focus attention on the world's problems. This is their pledge to Creator and you can therefore expect them to butt heads with anyone who gets in their way. Through their own lives, and sometimes deaths, they will demonstrate to you the concept that you have collectively created this reality and that you can choose to create a different reality.

To expose the plight of humanity they will use the vast resources of the electronic and printed media and the Internet to draw your attention to whatever they feel you need to look at. Although somewhat veiled, they will experience a rapid spiritual wake-up. They will see right through hypocrisy and will want you Violets, as the reigning power structures on the planet, to "clean up your act" as you say. Beloveds, nowhere in the Universe are planetary populations given as much freedom to create their realities as here on Earth. You might say the downside of that is that the level of negativity that has been created on this planet is very high. The Indigo children are incarnating to help you climb out of the planet-wide morass that has been created. Love them unconditionally. Support them in their endeavors to create a higher level of living. They will impact every level of society and will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to move the planetary consciousness higher on the spiral of ascension.

Through mutual understanding, cooperation and compassion you all can reap benefits of peace, love and joy that are truly beyond description. In love and service I am Sananda.

Message from the Indigo Children

Beloved brothers and sisters. We bring you warm greetings of love and light. We are the Indigo children of the New Millennium and from time to time we will venture forth to share our needs and concerns with you in this manner. We observe the happenings on the planet and are in communication with our beloved ones who are preparing for their earthly incarnations. We are also gathering with our beloved brothers and sisters who are returning to the realms of light from their sojourn upon the earth plane. They are sharing their experiencing with us and we are eager to learn for embodiment in a physical form is completely new to us. Many of them have been unable to complete the unfolding of their dreams of gifting humanity with their offerings in the fields of art and music and science and medicine. For one reason or another, their time upon the earth plane has been abrupted.

For most, however, their missions were completed and so they returned. And now we are awaiting our appointed hours of incarnation. Their sharing with us and our observance of earth life leads us to want to offer our commentary to you as a means of helping you in your understanding of who we are and why we are incarnating at this time. Also, we wish to assist you in understanding what our needs are and how you can help us for as you have been told already, we are not like you. We are the advent of the sixth root race and as such we know there will be a great clashing between what you call "the establishment" and us. So in the spirit of education and cooperation, let us speak thusly to you.

We note that there is a great deal of discussion taking place now regarding acts of violence in the schools and also among the population at large. Know this, dear ones. Until the world gets our message, these types of events will continue to happen for we cannot live in the structures of society as they now exist. We are incarnating to change them and the status quo. We share your concerns about the unrest in your cities and the potential of wars. What you have accepted and simply lived with all these years we cannot accept. We dream a different dream. We hear a different drumbeat. We heed a different cadence and we answer a different call. We will break your denial of what you have created upon the earth plane.

Before we are through, we will force you to look at everything and see it for what it is. We will mirror to you your creations. As a group our behavior will show you what works for us and what doesn't. We will afford you abundant opportunities to acknowledge your creations and to take responsibility for them. We will show you what we need to be happy and productive citizens of the world. It is our desire to leave this world in better shape than we found it but we need your cooperation. While it is true that we are young in the years lived upon the earth, do not assume we are ignorant. We carry our wisdom within and simply know things beyond that which you think we should know for our age and experience.

Pay attention to us! The systems of public education that are currently in place around the world are not for us. They are not structured to meet our needs and the challenges of the future. We would say the same about most of the private and religious schools as well. We speak here of both the physical configuration and also the emotional and mental climates of the schools. They serve us not. They are rampant with emotions and devoid of Spirit. We do not function well in the huge schools and large classes. And when we must move from class to class all day, it is very disrupting to our patterns of learning. We become over-stimulated and edgy by all the commotion and cacophony of vibrations playing out around us. Though we may appear calm on the outside, that is merely a facade, a mask we put on so we can interact with others. We cannot learn in this environment. Our needs are best met in small groups with a capable teacher who will be there for us, who can interact with us one on one, who can guide us successfully through our inner turmoil. We learn very quickly in a compatible setting and wish to progress as rapidly as we can. As we become a greater and greater percentage of the population, more and more of us will prefer to be home schooled. Here our environment is familiar and we feel safe. We look at your history and are intrigued with the salons of Plato and Socrates. Many of us would like to try that way of learning.

So we say to you again that the schools as they are now structured do not meet our needs. The setup must change or we will bring about the downfall of the entire system for we will have no need of it. We will use a different methodology for learning. We will evolve into that eventually but in the meantime we seek to open your minds to the problems at hand and to work together to change what we cannot accept. Our potential for advancing the planet is enormous and we are dedicated to that end. Make no mistake or attempt to dismiss us lightly for we are greatly empowered by our Creator. The world may well come to view us collectively as a planetary Pandora's Box but be not dismayed by this. If we did not love our Creator and all of you so much, we would not have volunteered to serve in this manner. We know that while we will dazzle you with our brilliance, we may also frighten you at times.

Working together in cooperation the fears can be overcome and we can create a continuum of bright and beautiful tomorrows. We love you deeply and are very honored to answer the call to serve you, our Creator and Lady Gaia in the planetary ascension process. We ask you to remember your promises to us, to remember the agreements we made before you incarnated. You promised to be there for us, to love us unconditionally no matter how difficult that may be at times. Remember also that we do not fit into your molds. We implore you to accept this and us.

Let us join together to build a brighter world for all of us. Help us to create wonders not horrors. We will speak to you again at some future time. We are the Indigo children of the New Millennium and we tender you our great love and many many blessings. © CAROLYN HOLTGREWE

The following selection is excerpted with permission by Carolyn Holtgrewe from a larger channeling entitled, "MILLENNIUM MESSAGES ~SERIES 3 KEYWORDS FOR 2000". This is also © Carolyn Holtgrewe and the Galactic Foundation Academy of Light.

Millennium Messages ~ Series 3
Keywords for 2000

excerpted section by the Indigo Children


December 1999 and January 2000

It is with love and gratitude in our hearts that we once again approach you on behalf of our sisters and brothers who are incarnate upon the earth plane and also those of us who are observing from our vantage point beyond the physical. We greet you in joy and anticipation of a growing understanding of us and our role in the world. We wish to address this particular message to our parents and the other senior members of society and for us, that is anyone over the age of 25!

Even though you perceive us as rather different from yourselves, more advanced and perhaps even precocious for our years, there still is the desire to turn us into miniature versions of yourselves. We cannot be that. We implore you as our parents to let us enjoy our childhood years in our special ways. They pass all too quickly and there is so much that we wish to experience and explore. You may think us fickle or unfocused as we can flit from toy to toy or activity to activity rather rapidly. Many things of the material world do not hold our interest very long for they are too simplex. However, you may have noticed that when something engages our passion, and that is the key, we can become totally focused in what we are doing and may not even hear you call our names. We are not intentionally disobeying or ignoring you; we truly do not hear you. At these moments you may need to physically touch us to get our attention. Ask us what we want to be or do when we grow up and encourage us in our desires but don't be surprised when something new comes into our awareness and we change our minds. Undoubtedly we will change our minds many times before we find our true passion. We want to investigate all the possibilities!

We like things that engage our whole brain at once rather than only the left or right part. We are neurologically wired for whole brain or unified brain functioning in our approach to tasks and learning. Also, our sensory awareness apparatus is highly tuned and we like things that appeal to our all senses. We admit that we tend to be somewhat restless and excitable and ask your understanding. For example, we are drawn to toys that have moving parts, are many-colored and make noises and if they also carry an aroma with them, now that would really delight us. We do come to realize that we can't eat them although we take delight in imagining that we can. We may even be able to tell you what we think the toy is feeling as we play with it. Encourage us to share our feelings for they are very important to us, as is harmony in our environment. And we love to have you read to us for the very words paint amazing pictures in our minds in which we take great delight.

We come to you this way, pre-programmed if you will, and make no apologies. The violet generations, the more senior members of society, are beginning the process of uniting the two halves of the brains for more optimal functioning. In time they will learn that it is much easier to function this way. If you will watch us at play or in the throes of problem solving, the clues to this type of functioning are there. For example, we tend to see the bigger picture first while our parents and other adults tend to focus on the pieces first and then move to formulate the big picture.

We don't necessarily need to go through the step-by-step analysis and procedure to arrive at the end result. For us, it is just there and we can't always explain how we got there. We came here that way and we ask you to not become angry or frustrated with us for having an inborn different way of learning. We offer ourselves to you and if you are willing and humble enough to accept our help, we can assist you to expand and maximize your own talents and potentials into areas you didn't think were possible.

In our most private inner selves, we think things you never thought of and we dream dreams you've never dreamed. We entertain visions from other realms and dimensions and endeavor to manifest them here. If you will ask us, we may share our private dreams but only if we know we will not be subjected to ridicule for them. Only the most forward of your thinkers can keep up with us! Once again we say to you do not expect us to be like you for we cannot and be true to ourselves and our purpose here.

Mostly what we seek and need from you is your unconditional love and support and for you to be there for us while we find our way in the world and explore our potential offerings to humanity and our planet. As we have said, our mission is to change the world for the better and we long to have you accompany us on this most exciting journey. Our hearts and our hands are extended. Won't you reach out to us? Please? With our deep love and many blessings to you, we are the Indigo Children.

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