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In typical rebellious style, writing a bio hasn't come easily. I am 47 woops 46 ( I can never remember!), married for almost 26 years with an almost 4 year old ball of energy who occasionally appears as a son ;0 (He's a soul with a mission!) Through working with gemstones I found that my main colour ray is indigo. Orange is my secondary ray and a colour with which I feel more comfortable. I have never particularly liked blue - perhaps it was those boyfriends who only ever wore blue jumpers - so indigo as my colour ray was a bit of a shock. I have always been a little bit psychic in an uncontrolled fashion. It's like I have all these feelings about things inside and unless a particular one is brought to my attention for some reason, I don't respond to it or put words around it at all. Myers Briggs perceptive is another way of looking at that attribute. I'm Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive using Myers Briggs.

As an introvert my rebellion is less overt than obvious. If I want to do something and people tell me I can't, well, I just go ahead and do it, usually quietly. I hate being the centre of attention because being the focus is too much diverse energy for me to work with easily. I can literally lose myself and need to spend time alone to regain my inner connection.

I have always wanted to know the meaning of life and have found it through my involvement in Siddha Yoga. Wouldn't you know it? There is no meaning, at least none that you can know with anything but your whole being....but you need to experience that for yourself ;-)

I was always high-achieving at school with very little effort on my part. I studied Agricultural Genetics at Uni and worked as a Tutor and then as a Wheat Breeder for a while. I am currently helping on our family farm. I also paint and sell watercolours in which I try to depict the light inherent in all living things. I use clashing colours that excite the eye to see beyond what is on the paper - well that is my aim.

Interests that have absorbed my time on this journey include Siddha Yoga, astrology, spherical gemstones, natural health and giftedness. I have found my first true friends in the last few years on gifted lists. Have you read about Dabrowski's ideas on overexcitabilty? There is some great information there! Other email lists have helped me to be comfortable with who I am rather than holding back for fear of having to deal with negative vibes. (Neptune on the Sun opposite Moon in Aries for you astrologers out there.)

That's all that is throwing itself forward for writing at the moment so I guess that's enough. :)

Wendy M.

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