Adult Indigo Bio - Tammy

My Name is Tammy I'm 29 I am a Indigo as well as a mother of four that I know are also Indigo. I always knew I was different and knew that God has big plans for me.

I can remember being a little tiny child and always knowing things before hand. I know that was a working part of me from the time I entered this life, but I slowly cut it off as my parents told me that I was nuts or lived in a dream world those words still sting today and it has taken a lot of self work for me to really trust in my gifts and myself because I know now that the dream world they said I lived in was my reality and I really feel my parents no that and always have.

I have a daughter that is very intuitive and a son that dreams things before they happen. It is very important that I work with my children on this issues so they never have to feel the way I did.. I know my parents' problem was they had no understanding of any type of metaphysical gifts (I really feel my dad did), but even if they didn't understand they did not need to make me feel like a freak. They could have said nothing. You see it took me almost 30 years to understand why I have these gifts and I now know that the gifts are not for me, but for other people, so they can get the help they need and I may be able to provide.

Love, Light, Peace & Joy
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