Adult Indigo Bio - SusanB

My name is Susan, I am 37 years old and really thought I was a freak for a long time. I was so depressed as a child and could see things and know things and sense things about people that no one could understand. I was isolated from most of my peers, never really fit in. I hated being told what to do or how to do things! I started into astrology when I was 10 and really learned to control my psychic skills in my 20's.

I have worked as a high school teacher and can't deal with the system. i tried to really teach these kids about their spirits, but illness has challenged me and I am not working. I am studying to earn my MA in Spiritual Psychology. I am married to an older indigo which makes our marriage so wonderful. We both have been working as teachers, healers, and intuitive counselors. I am so excited to finally have sense of my gifts and why I am here. Whoever you are, you are not alone, even among the fewer Indigo adults. I am proud to be one!