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Have strong self esteem, connection to source
self-esteem for me isn't truly "high" in the sense of I'm all bubbly and giggly, and I believe I could pull anything off. Some people even consider my self-esteem to be in their standards of manic depressive, but to me...yes, I think it's high.

Know they belong here until they are told otherwise
I know I belong within this time frame, to an extent. I feel that the people I'll come in contact with, and share my knowledge and philosophy with, it'll shape, mold, and change their lives forever, and that in my future...something is going to happen, that'll have my known...I don't know what it is, it feels like a good vibe, like something good is going to happen...and I keep having dreams of a blank book and a pen, maybe I'll write a book on my philosophy, or Indigo Children...but something is going to happen.

Have an obvious sense of self
To what extent? I know who I am, teachers have commented frequently, that it's like I know who I am, I know my weaknesses, and I fix them as soon as I find them. I know what I can do, and I know what I can't do.

Have difficulty with discipline and authority
I have difficulty with both yes, I believe if mentors would sit down and truly teach right from wrong, we could all sit back and allow a teacher to walk out of the room, and nothing would change. I have problems with teachers that keep a hawk's eye on students and their work. I have problems with teachers that demand something be done a certain way and allow no creative process.

Refuse to follow orders or directions
Some I do, most I do not. I use to earlier in life refuse to pretty much follow all orders and directions. It's as if I know what they teacher wanted, how she wanted it done before she said anything, and I'd get to work as soon as the paper was put down on my desk. I've conditioned myself now to obey them, I find that in the long run, you tend to benefit them better than telling someone no.

Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience
Hehe, that's an understatement. Lines just piss me off, standing there waiting in line, for those ahead of you. Makes me antsy, and I begin to look around, to find alternate methods of using time instead of standing there like an idiot about to drown. Usually, I go and sit down and wait for the line to decrease and then go. Patience is another thing I lack, one example is that I've got a programmer helping me with porting a game in Perl over to C, yet he insists on taking his time, he just wants to sit back and relax. Yet I want him to do it then, work on it now...I hate for people to take their time, and you end up having to wait on them to hurry up.

Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity
Creativity I believe is the spark that will ignite humans in the future, that'll make our lives better, more enjoyable, and better to those who come up with these methods. I do not like religons, history classes, etc, because they always tend to have a set way of doing things, they never impervise to just see what it would be like.

Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school
This "feature" of me, tends to get me in trouble more than anything I've ever run across. Teachers always become upset when I find a short cut in a mathematical formula that allows you to cut, say Steps 2, 4, 7 out of the process, and solve it before others with a calculator, and espically a pen. They tell me I've ruined 1700 years of Mathematican's work that say this is how you do it, when I find a shorter way to do it better.

Are mostly nonconformists
One of my pet peeves, those who conform to society and groups in order to blend in. If they would stop and consider the objectives they truly need to achieve, they'd find it that society will actually mold to fit what you need in order to achieve your goals. By conforming to a society, you are changing yourself...denying who you truly are inside your soul.

Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons
I do respond to guilt trips, when I've done something wrong and I know no one else knows except for myself, I've got a tendency to go and tell someone, so that I may be punished for what I did. People think I'm insane when I do this, getting myself in trouble on purpose by confessing. I always need good reasons as to why something happens, an answer to a question, or the reasoning behind an order. I'm known for bugging people when they fail to provide me with a good reason, and will continue to do so, until they give it to me.

Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
That I do, as mentioned earlier. If there is no creative process involved in it, it's likely that I will not do it, or will do it quickly to get it over with, because it's as if it's eating me away by doing things the way they are assigned.

Are rather creative
I'm known for being creative, I've explained matters in facts that teachers are in awe in how I did it, I can turn a simple piece of string into a playful object, and will go into my own self, and play with it, to amuse time, and monitor the affects of idealistic freedom of people, by watching themself use time.

Are easily distractible, can do many things at once
If someone on the other side of the room moves their chair back during a test, I look up to see who it is. If they drop a pencil I look up, someone coughs I'll stop my testing to look up, and then become frustrated. As well, I can do many things at once, i.e. what I believe to be a perfect example, I had 3 research papers due the next day (Monday), 63 definitions, and Biology-Honors homework, I was constantly switching between the 5 things, doing a bit all at once. Display strong intuition
...I guess, I don't know how one could easily answer this question...

Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy
I've experienced many things in life, from death, suicide, break-ups, feeling unloved, etc. That when someone sits down and explains to me their problems, a form of emotional connection takes place, and I begin to see flashes in my eyes, of what they experienced, it's as if I'm standing in the same area, watching the event, go on, I see the person exactly as they look, and the other objects involved, with the entire act being played out again.

Develop abstract thinking very young
I've always looked at things from a different perspective. I refuse to see things as I want them to appear, therotical thinking I find interesting, and base my views through this, however it tends to confuse others, so I'm growing away from using this method now a days.

Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent
While my intellectual ability is obvious to those who know me, I've been classified as a "highest level genius" and even states so on my school records. I'm great with electronics, mainly computers, I can do many things with them, some aren't exactly legal. I have a fondness of writing, I've known to be regarded as a very in depth, and specific writer. Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to
My doctor at a younger age, told me that most doctors would classify me as ADD, but something about me set me away from most kids who get classified under this category. He said his son is within this same field as me, and he knows from real world experience, his son is not a true ADD child. Therefore, he marked me as "highly creative, constantly involved in deep though when should be paying attention, probable cause of highest intelligence rating".

Are talented daydreamers and visionaries
Hehe, teachers and my parents tell me I daydream too much about the future, what it'll be like, and the outcome of other people's actions. I can visualize the future with remarkable detail, I can give a rough time range, and a detailed description of how someone/something will impact the future, and what role they'll have. Most of the time, it tends to stay true and become reality. Some just pass it off as lucky guessing, but I think it's more...It's as if I know, as if I born in reverse chronalogical order, the past is my future, and the future was my past. Almost as if, I was born knowing the future, yet I find it hard to comprehend the past, even though I know it trully happened, I find it hard to comprehend and believe.

Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes
A counsler once told me I have a very old soul, I feel a sort of emotional connection with others and their pain, that I can withdraw answers from sort of Intelligence Bank. That it's like my eyes know all, when I look someone in the face, I know what they are feeling, I can also answer questions for them, by looking in their eyes. Some say it's as if God pulled the eys off a 3,000 year old dead man, and gave them to me.

Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills
I guess psychic skills could apply to me, regarding earlier questions answered above, though I don't consider myself psychic, and don't think that I could develop these skills later.

Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage
...gotten me into more trouble that I wish to recall.

Need our support to discover themselves
Without support, how could one trully ever prosper as an individual?...We can never pass life without help.

Are here to change the world - to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet
I feel I'm here for something important, something that is going to happen really soon...something that'll change everything forever...I just can't pin point what it'll be.



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