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Thank you very much for your welcome. I feel glad to have found Metagifted a few days ago. It's really a great site.

Of course you can publish my biography in Metagifted site and in the Adult Indigo Experience book, but I would prefer to use the pseudonym 'Sortilge' instead of my real name. You can publish my age also.

Now, I'll write something about me.

For some reasons that are hard to explain here, I'll just tell that I was raised by my grandmother (by my father's side) and I think it's the best thing it could have happenned to me. She was the most warm and loving mother that someone could have had. I gave a lot of trouble and pain to her because of my rebelliousness and defiant and strong character. And I only got love in return.

I am not going to specify in which aspects I have been different from my peers. I'll only tell you that I fit in most of indigo people's characteristics, and that I have been blessed with an astonishing ability to learn anything, besides the many talents I was born with. Ooookkkk.I know it can sound a little pretentious, but there is no other way I can explain it. People around me usually say things like: "Wow! I would like to have your talent to do that!" or "Where did you learn to do that?!" and they look at me and laugh and I know they are thinking: "No way!" when I answer that I don't know... That I just knew how to do it.

I've been interested in issues such as reincarnation, UFO's, astrology, spirits, etc. since I have memory. I have always cried too easily when I see people or animals in pain. I simply can't stand to witness suffering, but at the same time, I have endured almost every extremely painful situation in my life, exception made of losing a child, what makes a living paradox of me. But what makes me feel amazed is that I don't feel I have resulted emotionally damaged by so much sorrow. I feel I can take anything in this world - good or bad.

I see auras since I was a little girl and I also have had experiences that cannot be explained but as spiritual. I am totally aware that my true spiritual awakening started at the age of 40. I have the certainty that I was guided step by step to this point where I am now.

I have been married since 1979 and have 3 children. I think my husband and children are indigo too. My youngest daughter, who is only 6 years old, has, suppossedly, the ADD.

Finally, I have to say that I feel grateful for having the opportunity to meet people who feel in the way I have felt for too much.

Blessings and Love.



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