Adult Indigo Bio - Sneech

How marvellously ridiculous-- explaining me in Modern English! Let's see... I was born in Miami, Florida in the third month of the U.S. of A. (hehe) bicentennial year. I am an Indigo, and I haven't questioned it since I bibliomanced that Indigo Children book (do Indigoes ever actually question their ID?).

I don't really see the point in reiterating what several hundred persons have apparently already testified. Take it as given that I too am a Blue Wierdo.

I would far rather intro some experience topics I didn't notice in the list. Please note that I haven't read every single archived post, only the ones I skimmed/manced/sussed out.

1re: I need to expand my vocabulary at all times, in all possible languages, and I actually fiend if I go w/out. Additional languages are no stress on me, and my ability to pick them up is apparently one of the creepier things that folk notice... I consider all of them (5 so far, working on more) necessary and valuable alternate reality tunnels (a term I lifted from RA Wilson's books, hope you've read)

2me: I noticed only a few have posted self-pix, so maybe you have the same problem I do: pictures of me look like completely different people. Just a funny thing.

3me: I forgot. Hm

4me: That whole reality thing-- I sometimes forget which probability sequence this Me is using-- anyone know a helpful trick for that?

5me: Language II: Does anyone else here still speak ultra-dead ones? ie Indo-Croat or Protogaulic? Or perhaps even Pitti? Think it was funny that Dr. Dee needed a phrasebook?

6me: Body Tricks: Do yours also do pretty much whatever you need them to as long as you think it through & give it time to adjust? Por ejemplo, I started voice lessons about a year ago. Now I'm working on getting my 5th octave, just for the hell of it (yeah right like there's extant music for that range). Just another creepy thing, I guess.

Well, that doesn't about sum me up, but since I have the attn. span of a gnat in a windtunnel--

Blessed Be