Adult Indigo Bio - SloJon

I believe you asked me to provide a short bio. Here goes........

Born 04/13/46 Denver, CO. Mother & step-father were resident members of a metaphysical group in eastern CO at the time. Stayed there for approx 2 yrs to be close to Denver General so I could have operations to repair a cleft lip/palate. We went to Tulsa, Wichita, K.C.K., & finally stopped in Clinton, MO. in '55 where I graduated in '64 under the baleful gaze of a joyous principal. LOL!

I then joined the swabbies & saw more than I wanted to. Been married more than once......One child, age 30. Been married to present wife twice....7yrs & 21 yrs. She is blind & just recently lost her hearing.

Skills? Have been a trucker, a cop, a mechanic, a pro pool player, & was even a doorman in a cathouse for a while.(the pay was low & the benefit pkg boring)

I was dx'd as ADD & depressed in '95 & promptly started Ritalin & Celexa. I stopped the Ritalin entirely & cut the Celexa by 1/2 a wk ago. Feel better.

Am I an Indigo Adult? Well...... My iq is is vastly over rated...I regard religion as a great mngt system...I'm not exactly a social butterfly...I have a very low regard for those whose major aim in life is to garner attention for themselves at any cost. Reincarnation? Of course. Psychic? Too much. Ritalin was my "dumb pill". Got tired of existing in a cotton ball. I'm qualified to teach the Silva System but am too lazy to do so. I can honestly say that it is the BEST way I've found to teach psychic methodology to people. Gotta take wife to town....back later.

Do No Harm,