Adult Indigo Bio - Shane

Hi, my name is Shane and I am 25 years old. I was born August 17, 1976 if you want to check my astrology. I also believe myself to be an 'indigo'. Ever since I was born I could see auras around people and thought it was quite normal until I started to mention the fact to others. Starting around elementary school, this began to fade as I was conditioned(brainwashed) to conform with their view of reality. I was also very sensitive to the feelings that other people radiated, like anger, even when they were hiding it. Deep down I knew it was they, not me, who were missing the point, but I didn't dare mention it. Being so different and sensitive to subtle things kept me an introvert for many years with few friends. I was always spending time alone getting to know myself. In middle school I remember my third eye would 'tingle' often and I could sense when objects were near my forehead, even with my eyes closed. By high school my intuition was so good that during lectures I could stay a sentence or two ahead of the teacher almost word for word.

After I graduated, synchronicity took over! It parallels exactly that of the Bio that I read on your site of Brandon, who was 27. I too have been drawn to all things healthy, mostly due to food and chemical sensitivities (like perfumes and colognes). As a baby I would stop breathing at night for minutes at a time, and sometimes turn blue, which I now believe was a reaction to a vaccination. For three years I have eaten mostly organic foods, being vegetarian since X-mas 2000. When I strictly follow my routine of diet, yoga, and meditation, I also seem to have so much energy that I don't know what to do with it all! I also experience waxing and waning cycles of 'enlightenment' similar to Brandons 'lucid moments'. As for my paranoia, I believe that it is justified in light of some of the things that people do to each other and the planet(I need not elaborate for it would fill many books and bring people down). And when Brandon talks of co-creation it sounds like my belief that self-fulfilling prophecy also works on a collective level.

My path of synchronicity has, mostly subconciously, arranged for strange events to occur in my life that prove to my inner critic that these phenomenon are as real as it gets. There are no accidents; everything happens for a reason. Like my first of three near death experiences. I left my physical body for hours of real time and met a few of my 'spirit guides' as I now call them. They communicated telepathically with me, teaching me some things and taking me places in the astral and etheric planes. I ascended a vertical tunnel, which I call the 'Crystal Cavern', that was lined on all sides with crystals like the inside of a geode rock, and rays of a warm intensely bright light shot through the tunnel from the top down. As the light struck each crystal, it chimed with its own unique frequency and reflected the light on to other crystals until it became a celestial orchestra whose music was the most beautiful I've ever heard. I eventually merged with the light and had an experience of the divine collective conciousness. It's like being telepathic with the Godhead. After this, I got a chance to view what has been referred to as the 'Akashic Records', which is where all events, past, present, and future are recorded. Most who go here have seen it as a library of books, but for me it manifested as a wall on which murals were painted that depicted all events great and small, collective and individual. You could examine any event in detail. I had visions of things to come, which I need not go into here, and things that had been. It seemed like forever had passed before I found myself back in my physical body again, and I was grateful to be alive! I have since been out of body dozens of times, much like the flying dreams of my youth, and had two additional near death experiences which have served as a wealth of insight!

The night before my last NDE, a close friend dreamed that I would take a trip to a very far away place, and wished to express their love for me before my departure. Then, the night after the NDE, I had a dream that a co-worker took me into a room at work and revealed secret written information to me. Upon awakening, I knew that the written information was symbolic of something larger than just my employer, but I couldn't figure out what it was until two days later when the dream came true! He had written a book that so paralleled events of my own life that I was stunned! This was verification for me of both our abilities. I started to question the nature of reality and my place in it. Less than a week later I met a seer and I had to ask "Why am I here?". He looked at me and simply said "You're a healer. I know this because I'm a seer." In one sentence he summed up a sort of subconcious theme which has been running behind the scenes of my entire life. Suffering is unnecessary. I have always wanted to be as healthy as possible and when I was a kid I was paranoid about not spreading germs. I started to study pre-med courses in college, but I soon realized that they were only training me to be a legal drug dealer and not a healer.

That was when my attention turned to alternative medicine practices like prevention, nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy, oxygenation, and ultimately, energy medicines like Reiki. It was around this time that I started to witness signs of mother natures wounds in the skies above and wanted more than anything to be able to 'fix' the problem. Well, leave it to synchronicity to give me the tools and the knowlege to attempt just such a thing! I now have, in my close circle of friends, a few psychics and possible lightworkers that are probably also Indigos. I think there are more indigos than expected, because I personally know at least half a dozen.

The first time I heard of Indigos was when Anna Hayes spoke of them on the Jeff Rense show, and everything she said resonated with what I feel is the truth. I also feel that synchronicity is an expression of Gods grace and that those who find it will be taken care of by it! God works in mysterious ways.

Peace, Love, and Light