Adult Indigo Bio - Sandy

Hello everyone,

My name is Alexander, but I'm usually known as sandy. This post is going to be laid out like a bio as it is the best way to introduce myself.

I was born on april the first 1958, in Inverness Scotland. From my earliest recollections I knew that there was a place before this life, I knew that I had come from that place. I also knew that I did not really belong here, I did not like it here. I also knew that in that other place I was female, I had always been female, I was a female soul. I found the male body that I inhabited, thoroughly detestable; I found my life detestable. But I knew that there was a reason for this distasteful situation. That reason would be revealed as the years went by.

I am what you could call a closet transsexual, or transgendered. I do not dress up, and I have no intention of having my body altered surgically. My mind is female, my body is not, and I am quite prepared to wait this life out. Since I now know my purpose in life is to learn what it is to be male, and to understand them, though sometimes I still have difficulty with that one. This life for me is a strengthening, it is also a darkening. This is a form of paradox, most people seek spirituality and illumination, yet this controlled life of mine is all about reductionism. I am not a creature of darkness, yet there is now a dark strength about me, so much so that I detest darkness.

I have had a few unusual events occur in my past, I will start with the earliest. As a baby, I tripped and fell headfirst into a coal fire. My mother picked me out of the fire; I did not receive any burns in that accident. I am not immune to burns; that has been thoroughly tested in various minor accidents throughout the years, yet in this particular incident I did not burn.

While playing a game in junior school, I was running and got tripped up. I flew headfirst through the air, and slammed headfirst into a jagged concrete wall. I did not get a fractured skull, though I was very badly cut and quickly covered in blood. I was sent home after being examined by the doctor.

A few years later I once again received a serious head injury; this time it was from a largish rock that fell of the top of a 10-foot high wall. It did not knock me down, as it was only a glancing blow, I just stood there in shock, but once again I was covered from head to foot in blood. I had to walk a mile home like that, and everyone that saw me was also shocked at the sight of me. I will say that I was never x-rayed for either of those incidents.

A few years later while in secondary school I was strangled into unconsciousness by a larger boy, this particular incident could be classed as attempted murder, but it went unreported. I survived, but suffered a headache for about 4 days afterwards. This particular incident was one of the closest to me not being here.

The last incident of note was when I was hit by a van from behind, while cycling to work. It threw me up into the air and again I came down head first, but I managed to put my elbow out, which prevented me hitting my head on the tarmac. I received massive bruising, a slight spinal injury, and a whiplash injury to the neck from the van impact. I also managed to give myself a dislocated shoulder while preventing my head hitting the ground. Why have I mentioned these incidents, I could be wrong, but it is almost as though something has been trying to kill me at different times throughout the years. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe these sort of things are quite usual for many people.

Back through the years a bit.

The first house I lived in when I was very young, was part of a farm that was attached to Culloden house. I used to lie in bed on a Sunday morning and listen to a dog barking in the house, we did not have a dog, and I only ever heard it on a Sunday morning. Even though I have mentioned this, there might be nothing much in it.

I also suffered a recurring nightmare when I was young, this nightmare only happened on one night, once a year in the summer. I used to wake up screaming with sheer terror, there was nothing evil or malign involved with this nightmare. It was something else, and I'm going to try to describe some of it. The only thing I will be unable to describe is the feeling that accompanied the nightmare, that feeling is totally indescribable.

It started off with me sitting inside some vehicle; I'm sitting on a semi-reclining seat. There is a seat next to me of which I'm aware off, but not looking at. My attention is fixed on a screen of some sort in front of me. The screen is mostly dark, suddenly everything is rushing forward and downwards at an incredible speed, I'm heading towards something large and the impact is unavoidable. This happens very quickly, yet I get the impression that I was very far away from this object. The worst part of this nightmare was the indescribable alien feeling that accompanied it. I have had the same feeling once when I was older, and it did not accompany the nightmare.

My searches started with Eric Von Danikens book 'Chariots of the gods' when it first came out. I have been searching ever since, and I am satisfied with what I have found, even though I don't know everything, and still get things wrong.

I have seen UFO's, the first time I started seeing them was back in 1975, I have seen so many that I could not give you a number. The closest I have ever physically come to one was about 200 feet, a cylinder, maybe about 30 feet long, flew over me one evening when I was coming home from work. It was dark grey in color, was not flying very fast, and was heading in a north-easterly direction. The other numerous UFO's that I have seen can best be described as energy craft. High intensity lights that can merge together and split apart again, and go off in various directions. I have seen them land and change color as they descend, I have seen them sit at tree top level for hours on end. There was one very bright white one that I watched, it was sitting just above tree top level, beyond a smallish wood. After a while I walked a few hundred yards home, I was at home for maybe 10 minutes and I went back out to where I had been. The ufo appeared to be gone, it rose up from beyond the trees and sat just above them again. I started walking towards it, and it started moving away from me at about walking pace. So when I got to where it would have been, it was still the same distance away, it also changed color from brilliant white, to ruby red. After maybe half an hour it flew slowly away.

I did have a form of contact with the people behind those lights; they would show me things in vivid dreams. Many of the dreams were UFO related, I would see them from a distance, and I would be on these vessels for various reasons. I also had numerous deja-vous dreams, every one of them was an exact pointer to significant events that were yet to occur in my future, but at the time I did not know where or when. I have been shown what I look like in an other life, that showing gave me such a shock that it woke me up covered in sweat. This was not because I was ugly or hideously alien; there was another reason that I won't go into here.

Another aspect of this contact came in the form of what might loosely be termed automatic writing. There was no trance state involved, I was fully conscious when this was happening. I would hold the pen and move it over the paper, and the text messages would be laid out. A tiny extract from those messages is; "we are involved in medicine and engineering, and Samantha has two daughters." An extract from another text message, related to 4 by 2000. No one has ever told me what this really signifies, but I get the impression that it refers to 4 by/past 2000, or 2004.

Other aspects of this tenuous contact included a record player playing an LP when the electric wiring was disconnected, tape recorders slowing down when playing music tapes. You could change the tape and it would still happen, many people would put this down to a faulty recorder. I also had objects mysteriously moved from one part of the house to another; I never saw it happen. I always did a double take when I noticed something like that, it always caught me by surprise, and it was a case of 'wait a minute that wasn't there.'

The last time I saw any of these vessels was in 1979. The last one was seen right over the center of Inverness, it was a brilliant blue white in color. it appeared, sat for a while, and then dropped straight down, and without seeming to stop, rose back up(maybe half the distance it dropped). Then it started to move sideways and continued to move up and down like a small wave motion. So its motion was down, up, sideways up and down, without stopping. That was the last one I saw, maybe they were saying goodbye.

I have never been frightened by any of these events, if a UFO landed beside me, I would happily walk inside it. I have never been involved with those grey aliens that are often reported by people. The ones that I have the mental pleasure of being involved with can not be described as grey.

Past lives.

I have the memory of a recent past life, I was a woman, I was a doctor. One part of that memory I was tending to wounded children outside a school on a city street, after a bomb had gone off. It was in a war zone in the Far East. The final part of that memory is leading up to my own death; I am standing on a veranda in front of a rickety old shack. I am standing at the top of a small flight of wooden steps leading up to the veranda, and my companion is standing on the opposite side of the steps. Out in front of us is a jeep and a message comes across the radio that Allun is dead. Almost immediately after that we are attacked by a group of soldiers, they rush us from beyond the jeep. My companion is the first to die; she is stabbed through the heart by some kind of lance. I just stood there in horror and looked at her for a second or two, then I turned and started to run. But I did not get very far, a searingly hot pain started to emanate from the centre of my back, and I started to fall. I could not stop myself from falling; my body no longer worked. I had been stabbed through the back by a bayonet. I remember the pain, I remember falling and not being able to do anything about it. I remember lying there at their feet and desperately trying to get my body to function, but it would not. I think they found it amusing that this woman that they had just killed, was thrashing around. After a while I gave up and just lay there, the soldiers lost interest and went away. I felt a lot safer then.

I am a telepath, maybe I should describe myself as a proximity telepath. I might not know what you are thinking, as you sit at home, but if you were in the same room as me, then your thoughts could quite easily be my thoughts. This has happened on many occasions with different people, how do I know, there have been a great many occasions when I have voiced exactly the same thoughts as someone else, at exactly the same time. I don't hear their thoughts as a voice inside my head, that would imply a seperation of thoughts, what happens with me is that others thoughts merge with my own, they become my thoughts and I am unaware that they are from an external source. The only time I become aware is when we voice the thoughts at the same time.

I am a clairvoyant, I can see the etheric of any object, it is not just living forms that have etherics, every object has an etheric. This etheric has 3 bands(colors) within it's structure. These colors are red, closest to the body, orange in the center, and yellow furthest from the body. I can see the aura, but I do not see it all the time, I don't see people walking around like lightbulbs. My aura perception only occurs when I am concentrating on something else, and relaxed. It can actually be damd irritating when aura perception phases in, etheric perception is with me permanantly and I can ignore it, aura perception is variable and you can't ignore it. It takes over your entire visual perception, that is why it is irritating. I bet you have never heard someone say that seeing the aura is an irritation, before. My own aura is predominantly 'blue white' or electric blue.

I can see 8 colors in a rainbow, which means that I see beyond the violet range of the spectrum, I can see partially into the ultraviolet range, it appears almost transperant, with a slight tinge of color. At times I can see the planetary magnetic energy pouring out of the ground or shimmering in the air. Take notice of nature, if you live in the country, then at certain times of the year you can see swarms of tiny little flies hovering in certain areas. If you watch them for a while you will occasionally see the whole swarm dart a few feet in one direction, and then maybe move back to where they were. These little flies are bathing in electromagnetic energy, and they follow the fluctuating electromagnetic stream(leyline flies).

There is an ancient well/spring, half a mile from where live, the name of this well is 'st marys well' or 'clootie well' it's in Culloden wood. This well goes back into the mists of history(very old). The well is a leyline exit/entry point, you can actually disrupt the magnetic field by standing over the well, and you will see the disruption occur in the water of the well(the surface of the water is almost at ground level). When you lean over the well you can see the water start to shimmer(tiny little waves), when you step back from the well, the water stills again. This has nothing to do with the wind, this will happen on a perfectly calm day, and the shimmering will occur every time you lean over the well. It is something that is proveable again and again.

Astral projection (separation of the spirit body from the physical) is something that I have never fully attained, when I did manage to separate the astral shell from the physical, I didn't get very far. What I do find very easy is remote viewing projection, the idea that I get about remote viewing is that it is an ability to remove the spirit mind from the astral body, while the astral shell remains within the physical. I have sent my mind through astral realms, I have met with disembodied minds that are not of this world, and I have walked the corridors of vessels not built on earth. I have never been able to remote view anything about the Giza area, it seems to be out of bounds to me.

With remote viewing you can create thought forms(demons of the mind) nasty little critters with no substance. You can project yourself beyond the tunnel, as far as levels of dimensionality go, I would say that it is beyond the fourth dimension, it exists outside time as we know it.