Adult Indigo Bio - Roy

ok. i will take a deep breath and go along with your "system", just because i feel like a zebra in a herd of horses who just stumbled across a pack of zebras...

AGE:i am, in this body, 63 years old, born 12/27/37.

EMPLOYMENT:i am currently a teacher of home students--i give classes and make home visits weekly to bunches of kids.

SYSTEM ALIENATION: i fight constantly with the educational "establishment"; in the 60's i left law school in my 2nd year because i couldn't stand the system--the unfairness of the system. In college i was a terrible under-achiever as nothing seemed very important to me.

REJECTION OF AMERICAN DREAM: i have chosen to spend my time developing kids rather than making money--as my friends did. I was also the only one of 9 founders of Decade Computer Corporation who had not become a millionaire, as i had other fish to fry.

CREATIVE: at another time i was a computer software developer who designed new creative ways to solve old problems.

ALTERNATIVE THINKING: when i went to computer school, i was told i asked the stupidest questions they had ever heard, yet got the highest grade ever given in the class. this was because i have to translate things into my way of thinking.

PSYCHIC: i have been pestered by psychic abilities for years, and am just now organizing them a bit. in this light i would be interested in working with/starting a school for indigos.

Thanks for organizing all this. roy