Adult Indigo Bio - Rose

my name is Rose and i am for sure a blue with tendency to indigo. however since reading the book 'the indigo child' by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober i recognized a lot of parallels and found also explonation for my life as a child and a young adult. now i am 'settled' at the age of 54 but, as a few already said from themselves, i don't look like 54 and i for sure don't feel that either. nowbody can believe that i have a 28 year old (indigo) daughter.

as a child i was constantly in trouble with my surrounding, had a lot of questions with 'whys', had low marks at school but managed to become a kindergarten teacher anyway. i love teaching --- i especially love to give knowledge to others and enjoy being with the kids.

when i was 6 i had an out of body experience which i haven't told anybody until a few years ago to a couple of my friends. the picture never left me and 'by accident' i was guided to the spiritualism where i recognized what had happen to me way, way back. that was the door opener for me.

i met a lot of people who helped me on my way, have reiki, and had an apparition which turned me totally to an other person.

almost 36 years ago i lost my two brothers due to muscular dystrophy. after about 20 years i finally understood why. today i am sure that one of them is reincarnated and in my before and after school daycare.

6 weeks ago my father passed totally unexpected away. at the funeral i had a great experience with the divine; actually a prove that we are on the right track, if i can put that in this words.

like for some others, books are my friends and i am always reading 3, 4 or even 5 books at the same time.

as a child we were refugees from hungary and i was brought up in switzerland but my destiny, which i felt through my entire life, was north america. i finally immigrated to canada 6 years ago, met my wonderful husband and am happy, happy with my life, spritualism, with everything! i understand and tolerate a lot from the people because i know 'why', hardly get upset anymore. life is just beautiful! ;-)

with love