Adult Indigo Bio - Rebecca

I have always been unusual. When I was a child I saw things like an adult and I hated being a child - the whole situation of not being an adult was one that I found extremely frustrating. From being very young my mother helped me greatly by always talking to me as if I was an adult and reading books to me before I could read them for myself. She read Alice in Wonderland to me when I was 6 months old.

In school I excelled, much to my mother's surprise - she said that I was like alice in wonderland - a dreamer. However I took to learning like a duck to water. Mentally, intellectually and spirtually I am very strong. I have a tendency to go at things 110% or not at all. I enjoyed school - learning and feeding my mind is one of my loves. I excelled in every subject except physical education and was generally top of the class each year with my best friend Catherine.

At the age of 16 it occurred to me that I didn't want to work anymore. So to all intents and purposes I stopped and did the absolute minimum to get through University, where I studied Music, and felt as if I didn't fit in. I graduated with a 2:2. I now do classical singing, and find the artistic, creative side of this very fulfilling, the intellectual and physical sides are also very absorbing.

As a child I was brought up Christian and have always been very spiritual. I found that as I got older I was ok with Christianity as long as I did not analyze the theology and dogma that was taught by the church. However this became harder and harder for me. The time came when it became impossible for me to stay in the church without finding the whole experience intolerable or with myself becoming disruptive in the organisation. I left the church and set out on my own journey to discover myself and my own spirituality. I felt as if I was being taken apart and remade. The whole experience was one of transformation and as such was not very pleasant - butterflies don't feel good coming out of chrysallises I think. I defined what I believe in. This was much harder than defining what I did not believe in, which was completely obvious to me. I explored and looked about me to find out where I wanted to be. At this point I started studying earth based religions and found that I felt at home there. I am now a practising hedgewitch. And will be learning and teaching for the rest of my life I hope.

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of my life. I love doing all kinds of crafts and find life very frustrating when I have nothing creative on the go. I recently started writing poetry and find this a great outlet for both my creative and my spiritual sides.

I am married to a wonderful man who is very good for me. He is spiritual and also sensible. He allows me space to let my mind travel and then come back to him and tell him my experiences. He keeps my feet on the ground, but allows my head to be in the clouds.

BigChicken (Rebecca)
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