Adult Indigo Bio - Pamela

My full name is Pamela Ann Egan Merkley. You may use all or any part of it. My age is 45. The part of the world I am in is Layton, Utah, USA (although I was born at Long Island, NY). I am an educator, licensed and certified family practice nurse practitioner, reiki master, continual student, and seeker. I have six children, two daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, and four grandchildren. I've always felt the need to educate and share the knowledge I receive. I've always been a teacher, though not always as an occupation. Health care became my occupation out of my desire to know what to do when people come to me for assistance and advice (as they have done most of my life). Even as a child, I recall being asked to intercede and decide things when disagreements happened or feelings were accidentally hurt, etc

I've never quite been satisfied with the status quo. I've felt there is "something else", like there's a need to improve our lives. I always have had an affinity for nature. I have been interested in alternative healing methods my entire life. I've dabbled in stones, crystals, herbs, homeopathy, energy work, massage, etc. Always accepting people as equal, it was unimaginable to me that some people actually had a more difficult time learning some concepts than I did. Math and science were very easy for me to understand. I guess I can understand our individualities better now.

One time, as a young child, I remember asking God to allow me to decide what will happen, to have what I said become true. I kind of became uneasy when I realized I had received that gift; by the end of the day, I told God that it was OK, I really didn't want to have everything I said become true . . .

The mountains are where I truly discovered my spirituality. I had many experiences since my youth involving prayer, healings, promptings, and dreams - even waking dreams sometimes. Personal healing experiences have taught me alot about Native American spirituality. Personal experience has taught me the need to listen and follow through when I receive promptings and messages for others. Reading emotions has been second hand for me. I have recently rediscovered more of my spiritual "potential" through Reiki. I have always been kind of shy, but I smile a lot, I remember overhearing a lady on my eighteenth birthday commenting that I "must be on something; no one can be that cheerful naturally". This really crushed my self-esteem. I don't enjoy being the center of attention. I usually feel like I don't quite fit in on one hand, yet I feel able to blend with and understand most any group or type of people. You could say I'm more a people watcher. Some other words to describe me include honest, aware, intuitive, sensitive, independent, strong-willed, obstinate, tenacious, persistent, often insecure, cheerful, and giving. I've never used recreational drugs, by the way.