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about 3 years ago, an e-mail friend (whom i have never actually met) wrote to me out of the blue and said "youre an indigo child. read about it." she sent me a link or two, and after reading the small amount i could online, i bought the one indigo-related book available at that time and started reading what could have been "the idiots guide to parenting nicole" for my parents. stunning stuff- and reassuring stuff too.

from a very young age, i was being told that i was "gifted" and "advanced." i was also told by my family that i was strange and unique - but lucky for me, they never kept me down or tried to "normalize" me.

i never thought about it all until recently, but now it occurs to me that i was definitely treated differently from my peers as a child. even from pre-school, my parents have saved notes and progress reports talking about me reading to the rest of the class and how i tried to make friends with everyone. those things never seemed exceptional to me...but i guess they were. i also had a very definite sense of being *different* and of *knowing* things i couldnt possibly know....but again, this never seemed uncomfortable to me. i think, as an aries and a pretty tomboyish kid, i thrived on shocking and surprising people.....(suffice to say, life has mellowed out considerably!)

through elementary and even high school, my learning pattern was the same...enrolled in the gifted/talented program, but too lazy to deal with the day-to-day grind. "extremely bright, gifted, etc - but refuses to do regular class work and daydreams a lot. doodles on her papers." i did fairly well until high school, and at that point my spirituality went from a passing interest in wicca and new age ideology to a full appreciation of the physical and spiritual world around me. sophomore year i was attuned to Reiki, and that experience was one of the first of many that are still unfolding as i write. the world became much more multi-dimensional to me, and although i had read fantasy novels and immersed myself in a world of dragons and unicorns and elves for years.... the reiki and my path since then have led me to a place i could have never imagined otherwise. unfortunately for me, my interest in school work faded even more- and i managed to graduate high school, but not without really screwing myself as far as grades go. i'm currently in college trying to fix that.

i did not have any severe trauma in my childhood.... i was adopted as a small infant but i dont consider that traumatic. just a different way to pick a family. in my late teens, though, i survived a highly emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, and although i have no physical scars to speak of, the emotional and mental memories and distrust of others is still pretty strong....but through it all i think its helped me to become more self-confident in my own right, so i've learned to take all my experiences as lessons to learn. "what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger." and now, at 22, i find myself in a truly balanced, loving, realistic relationship with someone and i *know* i wouldnt be as humbly grateful for it all without the negativity of my past. this current relationship is also much less sexual and more loving, and that seems to suit me as well. as a teenager i was very sexual and had several long term relationships....but for now i am very asexual and i like the fact that this relationship is strong in many other ways.

so now....lets see... i am 22, a Reiki Master-Teacher, a licensed massage therapist, and i work at a day camp teaching archery during the summer. my childhood was sort of unremarkable except that because of my label of "gifted" and "superior IQ" and "weird" or "black sheep" and other sorts of things, i was given opportunities to do things most other kids never even thought about. i've been called an "old soul" for many years, and my calling this lifetime seems to be to help to mainstream "Aware spirituality", to help the new indigos, crystals, and other children and their relationship to the adults still on this earth. my interactions with children and really, with people of any age open to hearing my message and sharing happiness with me, are the root of my existence and i love it. i hope that this site- and others like it- can help the new evolution of human-ness reach the very farthest reaches of its potential.

peace and reiki hugs,
nicole dancing water, age 22, hard-headed indigo chick.



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