Adult Indigo Bio - Monica

Hello my name is Monica (Nahnalah is my daughter's name.), I am 29 and I live in the USA.

I would like to share my bio, I hope others will find it beneficial. I also plan to contact you direct because I would like to help serve your mission. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. And I believe I may have an Indigo Toddler--

I was the child who why'd to death anyone who would lend their ear... the student who learned with ease and found disappointment in teachers who could share little meaning/purpose in what they taught...the personality who would sacrifice its sense of self to serve the souls of humanity and all forms of life within our Creator's Kingdoms (well, at least this is my ideal, my aspiration.)

My family, totally perplexed at why I am intellectually advanced(?) and yet continue to position myself as an "enabler" to all the "sickies" (emotionally/mentally unstable). Maybe it is because I have compassion and seek the potential within all individuals and have the vision to see the beauty in all expressions.

WE ARE MANY in our uniquely diverse UNITY. Many of us are asleep and need to be awakened. Many of us are suffering with dis-ordered personalities because we are the potential for BEAUTY/HARMONY and have lost sense of how to focus out onto our other-selves because our humanity has become so SELF FOCUSED-(SELFISH) that to become other-focused is to be labeled ABNORMAL. Yes, we create HARMONY through CONFLICT. We become the mirrors of our other-selves so that we may someday all live BEAUTY.

My mother has always told me that I could hold the World by its tail if I only chose to hold it...My greatest desire is to become an active, co-creative, World Server. Perhaps we will de-mystify the "hidden" wisdom. The concept of time is what led to my path...I found many books that lit the way to my Soul Discovery...Life's Hidden Meaning, by Niles MacFlouer, is the one book that helped me discover PURPOSE.

My greatest joy is experiencing how sharing understanding with others in ways that inspire others to then share their understanding with others creates a "ripple effect" because we are all extensions of ourselves...