Adult Indigo Bio - Moira

I was born in the late 50's and had my first encounter with a spiritual being when I was around four. I always felt there was something more to the world and to me. I'd look at the sky and know that there was something there that was more than what I was actually seeing. I'd correct my father and his sister who raised me when they were falling short of what I knew they should be doing in terms of proper nurturing. (My Dad tried, his sister resented my having such opinions.) I knew when other people were lying, particularly about their feelings. When I was really young, sometimes, I would tell them. I was confused as to why they would not say what was really there. How else are people supposed to know you or help you? I had yet to learn how fearful human beings are. This took a long time. I also can tell the source of an individual's insecurity and how they view themselves. Sometimes it seems as if I can hear them say things inside of their heads. It isn't as if I am reading their minds, more like they are purposely saying something to me that they don't say out loud and I hear it. I see ghosts or can feel their presence.

When I was very young I was considered very bright and even gifted. As I got older, people just thought of me as "different." I never could fit in wherever I went and I was treated pretty badly at times. I have always received instruction from spiritual beings when I sought it. This has helped me come to accept myself and as long as I keep seeking, things get better. I can remember a scene where as a child, I am standing before God telling him that I want to get it right this time. I didn't just want to understand, I wanted to understand and use it to get "it" right, and to live it right with others. I believe we came here, all of us, to learn to create our own reality. We can't do this without the help of God. We can do it once we accept his divine will and lay back and let him take us on his ride. Full faith in his desire to give us nothing but love, truth, joy, and abundance--living this everyday and, by doing so, bringing it into the greater unconciousness of man. When we go home, this knowledge will then be released into the universe and settle into the knowledge of all men. This is the gift that we are meant to give. It has been very hard getting here. Just like the Bible says, I had to sacrifice all for the love of God. Now, life keeps getting better, and I keep getting to know who I am as his creation better. I am a beautiful light being.

As Indigos, succeeding at this is easier because we have a better sense of who we are than other humans. We have been blessed with the ability to remember more from the other side and our prior lives. These memories keep nagging at us to "do something." That is part of what makes life as an Indigo so difficult. We have a mission, and we may lose our purpose because of the onslaught of negativity we get from the rest of the human race. However, as Indigos, we are better able to tie ourselves into the universal knowledge and get beyond the need to listen to the negative noise. In time, it is like meditating. You can't stop your thoughts completely, but you can learn to ignore them and move above them. This is what Christ meant when he talked about the freedom he and the father offered. Freedom from allowing anything other than your will, and the will of God, to tell you who you are, what can be, what you can do, what you can't do. You are free, with God's love and blessing, to fly above and beyond all of this--walk on water like Peter.

Now, you can use New Age Thought and other mystical philosophies to get close to this point. But, the fastest route to healing the pain and finding your own love is through Christ. I mean, he did die for this purpose ya know! He was oppressed, tortured, put down to the max. None of us Indigos have had to endure what he did and he said, "Look, don't worry about yourselves, if I can maintain myself and rise above this, think of what you can do." You want truth, well that's it! Its so easy and simple and real, that is why it is so hard to find.

Well, I am out of here for now.