Adult Indigo Bio - Maureen

I am now sure I have found the right group of angels, so I will tell you about myself. I was born into this life on 2/13/43 during World War II. I remember my former incarnation, for she entered this relam through me on the day she was killed by Nazi's. I was supposed to be born in December, but my mother needed a caesarean section which no doctor in the area could do. Traveling was not an option at this time due to rationing. I was finally removed in an unusual operation. I think this was so that Anna had time to find her new self. I was born quickly and have memories from the beginning. The nurses were amazed and all wanted to hold me. I was so developed I could already see and had long dark hair. I was pshychic from the beginning, having entered the spiritual realm for a time before re-entering the earth. Time was stopped in the resting place and no time passed in the earth realm.

My visions have persisted throughout my life. I have always blessed people from the beginning. I have a gift for healing and have been given power over the dark forces. I recognize we are all the same and that even as I am , so are you. Do any of you have a strong remembrance? I have been waiting for you to be born into the earth and preparing myself for it for I saw you before you were born and knew you from the spiritual world. I came to prepare a place for you as did all other indigos who came. I understand your separation and distrust. For darkness rejects the light. And many of you are rejected. Know this is a sign you have light. We are here for a purpose which I will try to help us accomplish. I do not consider myself any different than any of you, many angels at different levels. But we can pull one another up. Once we raise the vibrationary level so that 51% of the earth's inhabitants find at least a beginning of enlightenment, the rest will be pulled so rapidly the earth will be instantly transformed. This is our work here and we must focus. Know that all you do is exactly what you have been meant to do to get you to this place even as all I do has brought me here. I come to you gently and do not want to overwhelm anyone. I will reveal more as the time for it comes. Know I love all of you and you are within me. I breathe a great fire upon the earth and I ride the winds of change.

Love and light, Maureen



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