Adult Indigo Bio - Mandy

Hello to you all here,

Six months ago i read about the indigo child, and i recognised many i know, and also myself!!!.. it was a great understanding for me. on many levels.. i shall explain why more later.. a few weeks ago i had a surprise visit from two great indigo friends, they both came independently and an awakening is happening!! Ken and i Mandy are parents for three beautiful indigo children...

Now i say indigo because this is the label they and millions of others have been given.. it is my understanding that i have recognised that some came first, to help the next wave, to help the next and so on.. i feel that i know that my Granny was one of these forerunners.. she was an indigo, and then my mother.. myself and my sister, and my three children are the last in our family tree on this side, then my father and my step mother had two indigo children. Then i started looking at all the people i know, they are mostly all indigo children!! All children i realised were indigo's.

Then i found the book on Indigo children, i have just ordered it.. i was propelled to the next beautiful synchronistic pathway, and that was to talk to the Author and ask to write about my experiences on this way... Then today i received an email to take a look at your site (referring to Metagifted).. and that is why i say.. Wow! am i not surprised, as ask and i will always be given... a great way.. and i have so much to share with you, and i am so happy to have found this space..

huge hugs