Adult Indigo Bio - Madeline

My name is Madeline.. Just turned 36 at the end of March, but I look and act a lot younger.--Some people like to call that "immature," but I can't help it if my Inner Child still always want to come out to play! `) I'm single, no kids, been engaged several times but have yet to take the actual plunge. Have huge issues with my freedom and "getting tied down." Very commitment shy when it comes to just about everything. Always have this nagging feeling like I need to be ready to spring into action, like something big is about to to happen.

Went to college off and on for years, never graduated, was in it mostly to learn and NOT to get some Big Dream Job in the corporate world. No way!!! Went through about a 15 year period of drinking too much, mostly, I now think, to lower my vibration to everyone else's level. Got told my whole life that my being different was NOT a good thing.--Why couldn't I just TRY to fit in?!!!--I was always "too" something, mostly "too intense." It scares people sometimes.