Adult Indigo Bio - MJ

I first saw something about the Indigo Children in a local publication called PhenomenNews. I clipped it and sent it to my sister-in-law for my nephew. She always tells me how much alike he and I are but I never caught on to why until I looked up your site for her.

So now I know why I've never fit in anywhere. Anywhere. I always feel like the outsider no matter how many different interests of mine I choose to explore. I just keep learning more and imparting more information. I do feel like a teacher a lot and wondered why I'm always explaining to and or informing people.

I was born in 1952 and blue has alway, always been my favorite color. I was fascinated with turquoise stone from a very early age. I was offered it as a gift from my youthful molester and I remember how much I wanted it but still refused to take it from the creep. My mother kept it for me for years, gone now, no matter.

As a very young girl, maybe 10, I remember astral projecting. There was a very specific process I would take that I have never been able to replicate as an adult. It involved lying down on my back and keeping my hands very close to my sides palms up. Then I would call "The Rock" and the rock would slowly get closer to me and the last step was when my feet pushed off the rock. It's only been a few years since I realized what a Holy experience that must have been.

Also as a child I remember hearing my name in the trees and feeling frightened. Often I felt physically detached from those around me like I was in my own space or bubble. That still happens. I was very peace oriented which may have resulted from the church but I would espouse this on occasion without really having knowledge of someone else showing me to think like this.

My poor parents knew not what to do with a little girl that would rather play out doors with the boys than dolls or any board (bored!) games. It didn't help I had 2 younger brothers. I was always getting in trouble for trusting the wrong person or sharing something that was 'family's'. I remember at 16 making friends with a young man who was sent to jail and we corresponded until my parents stopped cuz I was stopped. I had no understanding of racism and readily accepted peoples of different colors without question or thought. The first black people I knew where from the community service I did at 16 with the church city-wide (Cleve, O.) When one of the young men called me at home I found out how bigoted my parents were. In fact that was when I rejected the 'church' because I saw how the congregation acted around the issue of integration.

How much of a bio do you want? I'm skipping up to more recent times.

I have a B.A. in Anthropology because I absolutely fell in love with the science of it. For a standard of living I also did an apprenticeship in Steam Generation and Refrigeration. I have a license that allows me to operate turbine generators and boilers of any horsepower in the City of Detroit.

I raised my daughter by myself after leaving a confining marriage at 29. She's probably an indigo-violet.

My hobbies are photography, dogs (a little cats), gardening, music and damn near anything that's outdoors. I like writing but have a hard time being disciplined about it in order to do anything substantial - I have a hard time sitting still!

I've always been a rebel. In my mid-twenties I joined the C.P.U.S.A. - the real one! Gus Hall recruited me. This was a very important part of my education. Many thing were learned that I would not otherwise have found out. It was also another disappointment because it too involved greed and power hunger in it's leadership.

I am still single for alot of reasons I guess, indigo being one of them. I'm always seeing only the good in people and forgiving so easily. Plus now that I'm nearing the half-century mark my wisdom shows me I have alot more on the ball than do many. I've finally realized that we're all truly doing our best. I've been learning and practicing Agape. It's not easy but I'm learning. I also have ways of intimidating people but not intentionally. A recent story came back to me from a buddy/co-worker. He told me someone said I had a rough exterior but that I really had a good heart. This was said as a result of being the Chief Steward for our Union on site.

Well you didn't put a limit on the words and I'm sure I could go on but I'll stop here. Looking forward to your response......


(Ed. Note - MJ sent more later that she wanted to add.)

The perfectionism thing is me totally. I've always been an overachiever. Although now, as with other previously mentioned aspects, I have learned to control (mostly!) the esteem end of this issue. Time has shown me I'm blessed with many abilities and that I needn't fear not being good enough. I think my shyness some how may play into this. Although as a youth I tended to act out more to cover this up.

I also did not discuss any psychic skills. I don't think I'm particularly phenomenal in this department but after reading your section on this I understand a little more. Most of this ability has increased or shown itself somewhere in this last decade of mind (40's) as you have suggested. I will hear my voice telling me something that I don't understand. I am now beginning to pay attention! Once I kept hearing a crashing sound. At the time I was an assistant coach on the softball field when a police chase involved my parked vehicle and thank God avoided the children.The thing was when the crash occured I understand what that noise was I had been hearing. That , I think was the beginning, because now I actually hear the voice. For example, I was preparing for a vacation and my voice inside told me I might want to postpone it. I thought why, no way - I'm going! Within the hour I had a call about my father's stroke. This is why I'm now paying closer attention to what I hear, the clairaudience you describe.

I also believe that I am clairsentient. Upon reading your description of this precognition type I suddenly understood why and where some feelings come from. I do have difficulty with crowds, especially funerals. I do smell things sometimes that no one else does. I especially tune in to dogs. They frequently come to me for help. I'm famous in the neighborhood for helping dogs. They just show up at my door. Even as a child I could read dogs well.

My friends are always describing me as courageous and brave. I like to think of it as being honorable. I've also been accused of being stubborn. I know I am independent to a fault. I have also been described as 'self-actualized'.

So I hope I haven't gone on too long and that I have actually responded in a coherent organized fashion of some sort that you can follow.