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I'm 37, mother of 4, deciding whether I can remain married to someone who can't even stand to hear me talk about all of this, and living in CT after having been transplanted from CA five years ago. Moving here was like coming home.

I'm in a career transition mode after being a hair designer for almost 20 years. I went to Beauty College, following my friends, because I didn't have anything better to do, as I had been told that I'd never make it in real college to become the archaeologist I really wanted to be. Though my IQ tested at around 180, my performance in school was dismal. I was a typical Indigo.

Then, last year, I had the proverbial "lightning strike" and my transition began. All three factors of my personal trinity (mind, body, soul) accelerated. I'll tell you the totally cool story.

Let me just say that before that day, I was already pretty well connected to the Great Spirit ( I happen to like the Native American terms). I don't channel, but more like, stay in a constant conversation with The Big Cahoona (very Neale Donald Walsh) and get a little help from some awesome guest appearences.

I was out taking my traditional Mother's Day walk with my youngest daughter (my twin Indigo) and as we were walking through a nearby cemetary, I just had to stop and look at the beautiful scene. This cemetary is located adjacent to a gorgeous little country church that has a great view of a valley that was in the first stage of the emerging spring. The weather was perfection. I just had to stand still, close my eyes, and feel the sun on my face. I began to feel euphoric, in it's truest form. For a split second, I could feel my soul disconnect from my body, and in that split second is when, I believe, that the change began.

Instantly, I was brought back to the material world by the strangest sensation. I realized that my arms were levitating of their own accord! No...something was floating them up. I could feel it! My daughter said, "Mom, what are you doing?!" I said, "Whoa!" and I shook it off, "Let me try and see if that happens again." So, I relaxed and let myself consentrate on the air touching the middle of my forehead. It didn't take long. I was more aware of it from the beginning this time. First my fingertips began to tingle and then there was a comfortable shift in my brain (I could feel it!) as my arms started to float up again. It felt as tangible as when you are standing in a pool filling with water and the water rises and makes you weightless.

My initial feeling (always the truth) was that it was the electromagnetic field current that I was feeling. After convincing my daughter that it was nothing to be afraid of, not a ghost, but energy, my scientific side took over and started to have some fun with it. I experimented all day by standing in different spots and getting the feel. I could definitely feel the different strengths and then later, as I got better, could feel the many different currents. After about a million hours of research and study, was able to confirm that it was the EMF that I was feeling. I searched high and low for some mention of other people doing it and only got made to feel like I was nuts by everyone from psychics to scientists. When I proved it, they still didn't want to acknowledge it.(I've just recently found a great site that explained it all and referred to it as Deviceless Dowsing) But, I asked myself, what could I do with it? I'll tell you that amazing answer in another lengthy, but totally cool post.

For now, let me just end this post with a totally cool epilogue. A few months later, I brought someone to the cemetary and showed them the spot it had first happened. While I was there, I noticed the unusual shape of the back of a nearby headstone. I went around to the front and saw that is was in the shape of a large, horseshoe magnet. No accident. Buried there was John Dunning, a famous physicist who had worked on the Philedelphia Experiment. Among his many contributions to physics, he was involved with EMF experimentation.

Now, I had the name of the one who had been standing over my shoulder, pushing me to keep searching and learning about what was going on with my connection to the EMF, especially when I would get tired and frustrated and my family was unsupportive, and I thought it was all a dead end. Thanks John!



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