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Well Hi everyone...*smiles*

I signed up to the group yesterday. I stumbled across and indigo kids site yesterday while searching for wiccan resources in the area.. And It just seemed important to go and check out the site. And hey.. when I accessed the page.. I discovered "I wasn't the only one" There were others like me out there... more of the "weirdo's" as I was called while I was growing up. But I get ahead of myself ...

I am Leandra .. a 20 yr old female living in Knysna , South Africa. I have always been "older" than my yrs.. and as I told my mother the other day .. I was never a child.. I somehow went from a baby to a miniature Adult. With Me.. it started through dreams.. I have been having them since I can remember.. one of the first ones I remember (I remember almost all of my dreams.. seems more like memories) Is around when I was 4/5 Walking through a maze.. (can even remember the colours and smells) The maze opened up to a secret garden.. and there sat a girl.. my age.. who looked just like me.. except she was dressed in "old fashioned" clothing... clutching a rag doll.. She became my childhood friend... I could close my eyes at any given time and go back there :::daydreaming:::

I have alway been the strange on in the family.. seeing things before the happen.. speaking to ppl who others didnt see.. But since I was Young.. I always had an affinity for two things... trees and animals.. Which grew stronger the older I got.

As to what my "powers" or "gifts" are...That's slightly more tricky...and tends to be slightly unbelievable to most people.. so I dont talk about it much. I'm an empath.. I pick up easily on people's feelings... I can feel when someone is hurt.. Also In the last yr or so.. since I opened up more.. I pick up people that are not close to me.. Someone say that I'll be talking to on the internet.. I can feel them.. smell what they smell.. At times I can even transmit feelings.. and make them feel touches.. (a caress of the cheek) I am a nature witch... I have since I was young spoken to the wind.. "oh would u stop blowing now.. u blowing my dolls over" That kind of thing.. Strange to see a 20 yr old giggling in the wind... Cause I can hear what you can't. What else... *thinks* I see fairies.. and lately spirits too...this is a new development... still trying to deal with some nosey little spirit.. wanting to know what I am doing. I can heal .. this isnt a dominant talent.. I can take away moderate pain but only if my concentration is up there..

ok enough of that part... (scared off most people by this point) You still with me?? Good

I have felt lost lately.. like I know I am supposed to be doing something.. yet not knowing what..A life Mission If you will.. This group.. feels right to me.. like I found friends.. for the first time in my life..

*I wanna know.. I wanna see.. the Strangers like me" Phil Collins

Live in Love and Light Always



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