Adult Indigo Bio - Leah

Hello! My name is Leah, and I am a 20-year-old college student that discovered two days ago about Indigos. It was as though someone handed me the missing puzzle piece to the crazy story of my life. I was raised by two loving, yet very strict and close-minded parents who imbued the Southern quality of always, at all costs, pretending that everything was just fine. (we're from Atlanta) They meant well- but I could always see through their pretenses and subtle manipulations, which frustrated them to no end.

I had several invisible friends as a child- perhaps they were imaginary, perhaps they were parents laughed at me so often for mentioning them, that I began to assume I had created these friends myself. To this day, much of my childhood consists of smudged memories between my truth and their reality.

At a very young age, (and being an avid reader), I was drawn to books about the paranormal, and parapsychology. I was fascinated. My parents were skeptical. These books led me to still more books, of the spiritual nature, and within those pages, I finally found words to articulate all the "radical" beliefs I held. As these beliefs grew stronger, I began to share my ideas with friends and family. Most of my friends - well, I had several close ones, but few acquaintances- loved to hear me talk. They said I could always cheer them up, make them feel better, help sort things out. But others, as well as my immediate family, shook their heads, calling me "Crazy Leah", and telling me I was idealistic or just plain silly.

I've always been drawn to helping people- whether through relieving pain, sharing joy, or just simply being there. I got attuned to Reiki I in the winter of last year, and was also told that I come from a long line of healers. Going up North to college has helped me to heal the frustrations I felt towards my parents, for my middle and high school years were...nearly a disaster. Only at home, though. At school I was lucky to have a wonderful, very close-knit group of friends. My best friend was the first person who told me that I wasn't just "different" (like everrrrrryone told me), but there was something more there. He had such faith in me, and would always remind me of how "special" I was (still does), despite me telling him that everyone is special, and I must just be from another planet cuz I felt so freakishly weird. Heehee. These close relationships gave me the support I needed to feel more comfortable speaking my truth. But my life at home was such a contrast. I didn't even like being in my house, because I could feel the tensions in the air. I would usually stay in my room- writing, reading, listening to music, or just being silent and thinking.

My younger brother, Kyle, is 12 years old. For a while we weren't very close, due to our age difference, but I always knew he was a special kid. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and goes to a school for special needs children. He also is a daily consumer of Ritalin, and he hates it. Kyle is very intuitive and emotionally sensitive, and I almost chose to go to a state school because I wanted to shield him from my parents, who unknowingly drain so much energy from us, and project anger when their attempt at parenting fails. But I knew I HAD to go away, and I knew the school I needed to be at wasn't in GA, so I left. I stay in close contact with him, though. And I am ordering the Indigo Children book so that I can figure out some ways to help him, for I think he might be an Indigo, too. My parents think I overstep my bounds as a daughter in trying to "raise" my brother, but I see what he needs, and they do not always provide it. It's a tough situation, but I continue to pour love in and I know that helps. In addition, my brother and I are both adopted. For a long time, I blamed the turbulent relationship with my parents on that fact. I felt the reason we did not "connect" and could never see eye-to-eye on things, was because we were not biologically related. But now, I feel that I can relieve myself and them of that blame, and move on towards improving our relationship.

Hmm...anything else? Well, I could speak more of my life story,'s pretty much the same as the bios I've read! And since I have now joined the list, I look forward to sharing and learning with other Indigos! Thank you!!