Adult Indigo Bio - Laura


I was always concidered the typical problem child , to the point where my mother sought help from social-workers, pyschologist, therapist etc......She thought there was something definetly wrong with me. She even bought a book called "How to understand you're hard to raise child". that's intense.

I've always been interested in the other side of life. As a child I was very sensitive to other peoples vibrations. By the age of ten my grandmother had died without saying good-bye and I was left a deep curiosity as to where she went and I sincerely didn't believe that she was gone. Seeing as I was a sensitive , I would sense her entity and pressence more than often throughout my day. I recieved phone calls only when I was alone in the room, where the caller i.d was her number...yet when I called her...the number was no longer in service. This actually stirred my mother's curiosity and she sought paranormal advise from her personal pyschic. He informed her that my grandmother was indeed in the house and she was trying to communicate with me. Knowing that, I performed what we call Astral Voyage for a good 6 years in search for her, until I finally found her and we said our goodbyes. We spoke the entire time I was asleep. I still havn't remembered what the conversation was about, and I won't until the event she told me about will happen.

I do have a keeness with the other side ever since I was child, sometimes a little too much also. I guess to put it humourly....I don't see dead people...I hear them.

I'm 23 years old, live in Montreal/Canada, future student of Professional Photography with goals to travel the world. I actually would be my dream to have one of my pictures in the National Geographic Magazine one day. That dream whould be said as a goal rather though.

I have always felt like I didn't belong, knew that I had a purpose...but that nobody understood me as a person. I still feel that way though.

I was born during a Full-Moon that was parallel to the sun, so I was told by the astrologer that came up with that analysis that I was a type of person that will never have 1 career going...because I was a jack of all trades...and of course I tap into this part of my brain that is in the middle of the subconscious and conscious....which makes you aware of paranormal entities I guess. That's how he put it though.

I love nickname as a child was Disco Baby...because by the age of 2 yrs, I was singing all the songs of that era word for word. Even ones that came out years before I was born...strange huh? I did things as a youth that madepeople think I had reincarnated from ym grandfather who died 1 yr and 10 days before I was born..I was even the same sign as he was. I loved Rugby, Soccer, Football. Pretty much of a tomboy in my youth...still am...Into Kick-Boxing, Fencing, Aikido, Karate....that pretty much a great interest for me. Strange though, it was for my grandfathers also....He was a champion of the Rugby team playing for the queen of huh? I'm impressed. He he he. He also had a fishing hat with all kinds of do-dads on it. He gave it to my father 2 months before he died.

After my grandfather died, my mother married my father, but he was very abusive towards her. I guess my grandfather no longer had a fondness towards my father because at around 10 months(around the time that I was starting to talk), I went up to my father and pulled the fishing hat off his head and said...."Mine". My father apparently as my mother tells me, flipped out...mouth dropped to the floor I guess. I did things that let my mother know I was him also, right down to the fact where I can not see any army or war movie without turning into a sobbing mess after 5 minutes of watching it. These things upset me. Apparently my grandfather, did the same at the mere memory of the days in the 2nd world war. He was one of the Canadian Troops that were sent over to the beaches of Normandy, his troops were the ones that opened the doors.

Reincarnation as you can see, is a great interest of mine. I have read so many books in the past 10 years on it, read articles, watched movies etc........more of a movie person though.

I could keep going, on & on & on......but there would probably be no more room for other people. So if you are interested in talking to me about anything that is weird and out of the norm, I am the one person that would never judge you. Why? I've seen so many weird things in my life and there are more weird things for me to see in the near future...that's just my chosen road, & I am probably not the only one either.

Many Blessings

(Ed. Note - Laura sent two bios. Thanks, Laura :)


I was on the chat room for the new movie Dragonfly & I was in a detailed conversation with another member about me having paranormal gifts etc.....

She pointed out that I may be an Indigo Child or Adult. I had no idea what that was and was very interested in finding out. I then asked her what It meant and she led me to your site:

I got into reading, and I was in tears after the second sentence. I was never understood in my life, right from birth. My mothers sisters never understood why I was the one who was talking by the time I was 1, walkng by the time I was 8months, and speaking both English and french by the time I was 2.

Every last criteria in the Indigo Adult version completely applies to me in every way matter, shape and form.

For the Indigo Child, there is one that I am not quite understanding:

1. Does your child refuse to respond to guilt trips? ( I was always very sensitive and very empathetic....If I did something wrong or hurt someone, they were always able to make me feel guilty)...but you're right.....only if I really knew that I ws the one who was in the wrong.

As in being does Professional Photography sound, I am studying that now @ Dawson College in Downtown Montreal Canada. I was an Early Childhood Educator for 4 years because I literally wanted to change the pathetic school system and wanted to make sure the children that were being educated, weren't being belittled in any way, abused, neglected, humiliated & had all the patience in the world fromthe ones that educated them...not have the life I had in school. I was never understood right through elementary, high-school, college, university and now College once again...we'll see how that turns out...younever know, being in Professional Photgraphy Imight meet some people like me. My mother always told me that I could not save the world. I was very disscouraged and went into a deep depression there...because I thought I had failed. I entered that field of Early Childhood Education & saw so many atrocities that took a toll on my heart.

My mother used to buy so many books on how to bring up your hard to raise child....or have me see social worker because she thought there was something mentally wrong with me. I grew up being brought up my a single parent under poor conditions(poverty). Now that I read the symtoms of an Indigo Adult and mother was also one too. But she was more so deprived than I was....50% more so. My mother even hd me see an Psychologist to have my I.Q tested and I was 8 pts above average, so there was really nothing wrong with my intelect. I was 10 at the time. I nver had very many friends...or really trusted many people in my life. In College I was labelled Ann Landers. By the age of ten, I was dabbling in the spritual side of thngs without my mother knowing. I could never tell my mother what I do...she pulls a fit at the slightest inclination of what I do. My grandmother died when I was 10, never having the chance to say goodbye. As a result of that I perform Out Of Body Experiences...Astral Voyaging. I did that at least 3x's a week for 6 yrs. I Guess I was in search for an answer and way to say goodbye to my was definate goal and I didn't stop until until the very day I did.

I have always felt alone in my life......but as a child I was born a very happy child...talking to everyone. What happened. I guess life happened. All my mothers sisters wanted me instead of their children because they were not the entertainers of the family like I was. My mother used to tell me that she would open the fridge door, the light would come on and I would always do my 5 minutes. That always made me laugh

I do Customer Service & Emergency dispatch. It's not a chosen field..but money must come in some how at least untill my career as a photographer rises. I can say though that I have very very very little patience with stupidity...oh it enrages me sosoooo much. Especially with adults who have no commen sense or logic. There are sayings I use...and I admit that I can be very non-empathetic in that sense: Some village is complaining that they have lost their idiot. That's so wrong, but I can't help myself.

I never ever ever got good grades right through high-school and elementary. Always failed, yet whenever I was in an Art class, music class, gym class...I got straight A's.

I guess that's all for now...and I emphasize...."For now".

Ta Ta for Now,