Adult Indigo Bio - Kate

I was born in Los Angeles in '44 to show biz parents..I was the 1 born in this Dad was married twice b 4 so I have an older 1/2 sister & 1 younger full sister..

I was allergic to all food, & most material..survived on shots, & pills til 7yrs old. Hypersensitive & very bright, I reacted to everything so fast it was alarming to my folks tho my Dad really liked my gung-ho ways..he could throw me up in the air..I could stand on his hand @ 6 mo...I threw away my bottle & jumped outta my crib, they say, @ 9 mo & ran..always running on my toes...

My mother was voted one of the top 10 beauties in the world for most of my childhood, a great athlete, and charity worker, but alas was jealous of me, and uncommonly cold & really screwed up in the tenderness dept.. her nickname as I grew up was "The Platinum Refrigerator"..poor thing..& so it caused alot of havoc.. Everything had to be perfect..children had to perform, be seen & only heard when asked..NO tears, no temper, no anger..Humiliation was big in our house & I couldn't stand it..

My folks were tempermental & not grown-up and took everything personally so there was no spearation bt parent & child...they'd leave me screaming in tantrums, which only accelerated (into hrs) if not addressed w/ kindness and comfort. They didn't know any better...I knew that and of course it made me feel all the more unsafe. Nanny's came & went as if through a revolving door..but the fave Hollywood Nanny raised me for the 1st 4 mo and came later when my sister was born so I received her unconditional love twice, which is one of the reasons I turned out alright..When I was three my folks followed a HOllywood trend & gave me over to a quack doctor who tied me up by my hands & feet in a crib for 1 yr & I was given shock treatments.. Like that helped anything?

I didn't do well in school - I asked too many questions & had very concrete ideas about how things worked & curious about EVERYTHING..easily distracted..class clown...When I was 5 yr I was sent away.. up the coast to an empty beach being watched by an old woman who worked for the state..there were 4 other state wards there..they were really helpless..I spent all day on the beach alone for yrs & found my salvation in a pod of dolphin, who really educated me, gave me unconditional love, taught me balance & that the human race had a ways to go b 4 they would become safe.. Also, I had a wild horse that took care of me.. I was there til 10 ... my mom found I was being beaten & she moved me to a school w/ horses.. the only school I didn't get thrown out of..ousted fr 11 schools b4 I was 8..

My poor folks..I felt so sorry for them..When I was young I always got along w/ my father, who had great fun taking me to the studio when I was allowed to come home for a few days...I was a child model fr time to time & my Dad was funny & musical & I loved being on the sound stage w/ him & he was so very bright & he was a great teacher but a severe disciplinarian & wanted me to do things "by the book" I couldn't read & didn't like books..I learned quickly fr watching, piano, tennis, riding, whatever..I wanted to see what my own inclinations were and then later I'd check into the great books about great people, like DaVinci & Einstein, to see if I was in concurrence w/ them..My mother taught me sports..she didn't talk much and was competitive w/ me but she was a great athlete and so was I so I could watch her & learn..

At 14 I went off w/ an English parents marriage was falling apart & this world reknown man helped them get their priorities right and helped them learn how to communicate and be honest w/ each other.. & get off my back- and my parents sent me off w/ him & his family & I toured the world for 9 yrs w/ them. Meeting him and his wife gave me the same sense of safety I felt w/ the dolphins.. He opened my eyes to my talents and allowed me to play sports.. He gathered great people around so Bill Bradley & Chris Imhoff taught me basketball & Jomo Kenyatta taught me soccer..I learned to write.. I took correspondence courses fr UCLA and got good grades and became a spokesman for my country.. I lived in Japan 2 yrs as a guest of the government, India, one yr as a guest of Nehru, Germany 2 yrs.. guest of Chancellor Adenauer, Australia... guest of Prime Minister Holt.. so finally I was in an global arena participating in history instead of reading about it.. I loved living in all these cultures, learning the languages, eating different foods; feeling finally I was doing what I'd wished for since age 5..seeing the planet I wound up on and feeling finally that maybe I was not on the wrong one.

I knew fr early on I was here to assist in the next step of "human evolution" ..I just didn't know when it would happen.. but as long as I was w/ this group I felt I was in training for my lifes' work and actually doing it while learning...My surrogate family was involved in peace making globally & in teaching folks how to bring a positive solution to waring conditions...Pretty cool..My parents sure benefited & remaind together til their death Dad in 89-Mom in 91..Their deaths' r another amazing story..for another time...maybe..

My surrogate father died but I had 9 yrs learning fr him.. after that I settled in England (late 60's..the best time!) & lived in the European states just enjoying new friends, learning to race cars & growing up a bit more & I wound up in eventually came back to the US..made another album...loved the last of the good times until drugs took over & ruined everything. I couldn't handle the massive drug abuse in LA.. I was always designated driver & masseuse.. I didn't imbibe...I watched my friends abuse drugs get arrested, destroy their marriages, & careers..I fled town driving my friends GMC Van to Teluride..where I discovered they had packed the whole bottom w/ cocaine..I had been driving the Rockies @ breakneck speed enjoying the supension of this well built vehicle w/o a clue as to what was in the under carraige...Yikes!

I left for NY where I've been til recently (co-wrote a musical which may or may not get ever see the light of day) (fabulous true story great score).. I was in a nasty rearending fr an 18 wheeler in '95 & that changed my life.. Went through Alexander Technique(rewrites brain patterns & reconnects the body to the brain..I'd been bedridden for 2 yrs prior to starting treatment) -it opened the parts of my brain that were fried in early childhood.. I went back to my original a great one, who taught me to jump as part of my rehab.. went to Massage school to learn physical therapy for horses and dogs and now have my own company..The Flexible Equine & Canine.. I'm in Wellington FL where the big east coast Hunter/Jumper competitons r & I've just been invited to spend the summer in Sante FE.. I'm told it's a town full of folks like me.. into healing and helping the planet..

Voila.. that's it in a nutshell..




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