Adult Indigo Bio - Karen

It is my way, to take the learning of the day and add it all up. When I began reading of Indigo cildren, I never doubted the content. It's reflections are filled with my entire life, how could so much information add up? It had to be true.

The rediscovery of my soul; remebering the faeries of my childhood, has been the most textured journey I have ever had.

Now I have learned to grow what I describe as the opaque, sparkly love energy in my life, I believe.

My social work course told me to do self-awareness; did they bargain for me? The word ETHICS kept ringing in my ears... there's something I'm forgetting here.

My life lessons have been hard and at times cruel, but the love I know to be true still exists and it had to come from somewhere. It has helped me see my fellow humans in a different light.

I was born in Iqaluit, Baffin Island; my mother is Inuk, my father white. They were young and came from addictive families. They tried maariage, needless to say it didn't work out and I was sent to live with my father's family in Nova Scotia, somewhere near three.

This is where my stronger memories lie; beautiful mother earth where I played for hours, the knowing. Faeries and angels leading me and protecting me from discrimination. I was very shy, but very loving. I spoke in hugs I gave to those who showed me knidness, it was good sharing.

Becoming a mother has reminded me of these things as I watch my own angels play, I am concerned as they are watching me too. I am concerned how we fill these children's reflections, they will repeat the intent of their learning, as mother nature pays no heed to social graces.

My ability got buried for a while as life rolled along at break neck speed in an addictive family, I even went on to copy some of these mistakes. I found it lonely, never finding a true friend or mate, as addiction takes a lot of energy, there's not much sharing left.

At 25, I finally hit the wall and went inside for repairs. Maybe the learning was hard to appreciate, but it has made me strong; my abilitites intact have left me loving.

My family has it troubles that make me grey, but there is risk in all that we do, it can be healed.

I have been passed the spirit of a healer, sharer of knowledge. I find this cool and enjoy my calling more each day, it's the people I meet!

I have found my true calling, I am going to study ministry. The women of my line have enjoyed being rebellious against social expectations... I feel I can dedicate my love and add some of my own flavour.

Most should share and rediscover mother earth too, the partner. I'm glad the love that I know to be true has led me to others of the same understanding, even if it took a little over thirty years!

Karen O.

- in great bear spirit
flying in the butterfly clan.