Adult Indigo Bio - Kamie

Hi. I'm Kamie - an indigo, violot, blue, yellow.

I am also married to an indigo. I am 25 and he is 33. But I'll only speak for myself here. Like the rest of you, I have always been different. Bright, overly sensitive, emotional, stubborn protective, impatient, and many times outside of reality. Grew up in Wisconsin. Pretty normal childhood -but never quite fit in. Had problems with relating to children my age. Was always told I was incredibly mature for my age -yet managed to be naive at the same time (about the ridiculousness and cruelty of the children and the world around me)

Parents never understood me, still don't. They don't understand why I don't think like them. Because of who I am my mom always claims that if there were a new soul, I would be it, but I feel like I am eons older than them, and the problem is that I have moved beyond many of the earthly concerns our society deems as necessary and correct.

Had deep emotional problems/depression at the end of highschool and through college. Rebelled majorly. Drank heavily. Came out the other side. I had studied film in college (always wanted to act) but then decided that life style was too much and too little. Now I've gone back to get a Masters and teach biology. (Yes the structured school format will absolutely annoy me -but the kids, the kids -I need to be there for them!)

My husband is a strong indigo. He also had felt so alienated in his life that he had been living in indigo hell. Right away I knew he was a sweet, good, honest person inside and just needed to have someone show him. Despite some treachery by my parents to try and protect me (protect me?) they came around (though they still don't get it) we married and he is everything I knew him to be. We're both nuts together.

Umm that's it in a nutshell