Adult Indigo Bio - KamaSutraKid

I'm 16
live in Alabama. I have never fit in here and I dont believe that I ever will. My Mother tells me often about how I was not what she expected out of a boy when i was a child. The farthest back i can remember is when I was the age of two and it seems that I remember just about EVERYTHING after that. I remember the phone number that belonged to us when I was four years old. I also started walking and talking at an extremely early age. I am very judgemental about everything that I do myself... even this. School was a complete Christian Hell for me. There seemed to be no one there that I could level with . I remember not being able to feel hatred toward another boy at school; even though everyone around me told that I should. So I forced myself to feel it, to be angry. Just to be politically correct about the situation. I would get into trouble at school for things that i thought were totally insane. Like not sweeping the gym floor just because I was told to. Eventually my grades (all of them) dropped to sums of about 12 and 27 at the most. This really frightened my parents because they knew that I was capable of much more. I eventually got expelled for threatening to bomb the school. I was framed...And the whole morning before it happened I felt sick.

I have an amazing ability to turn a harmless, fleeting thought into a monstrosity. I can usually finish sentences for people. Whenever I think back about my childhood, I start to feel like I've only been on this earth for minutes. I have always wanted to play music, and I have always been very good at it too. My Father bought me a guitar several years ago and tried to show me some songs that he knew . And before the night was over I was better at it than he was. My spirituality has grown very differently than that of those around me.

It seems that I only have one friend that TRULY understands me. He and I seem to be connected somehow. It's as if we speak an esoteric language to each other.

Maybe I'm just like every other member of the human race... one of a kind :)