Adult Indigo Bio - Joyce

Hello All,

I was browsing the Indigo site (Note from Wendy - she means this site - for info regarding my grandson who is an Indigo and my mind was blown when I read the description of the adult Indigo! Could this really be me? I have to say I have NEVER fit any other criteria for anything, so this must be it. I am 48 yrs. young. Don't look or feel my age. Often mistaken for my oldest daughters sister (which seems to upset her terribly). I have been a nurse for 19 yrs. I hate allopathic medicine and most established institutions. Think they all need to fall and start all over! I am in school ( I hate school) now to change my career and hope to incorporate Reiki and energy healing into it. I have been a lightworker and very much into spirituality since age 11. Never felt I belonged. Always thought there must be something wrong with me as I didn't seem to FIT or go along with the norm.

I could relate to almost every descriptive area touched on that I read on the Indigo site. I have a very high IQ, never did well in school. Knew what I had to do to make a passing grade and that's all I did. Never took a book home or did homework. Aced all their tests and after deducting for no homework still got passing grades. I thought it was a cool system. Couldn't figure out why all kids didn't do it that way. See the world as an absolutely insane place and cannot understand it at all! Just know that it needs to change. I look forward to reading others experiences in this group. Could it be possible that I really do fit in someplace?

Love and healing to you all