Adult Indigo Bio - Joy

I was talking to a new friend of mine who also happens to be a children's counselor about my daughter. I always hesitated to express what I "know" about my daughter because people just don't understand. He recommended "The Indigo Children" and it has been a revelation! Not only does it describe Fionna (four years old;) but also me AND my x-husband.

I too saw angels when I was a child. I had intuition so strong that I would tell my mother my premonitions and when they would come about I would be scolded. She didn't understand. I quickly stopped talking about them. My daughter experiences all of this too.

All my life I never had anything in common with my age group. Always my friends were 5-15 years older than me. I was very lucky with my education. When I was 13 my English teacher noticed that I brought in "The Philosophies of Aristotle" for my free time reading. She and a few other teachers got together and recommended me for the very small gifted and talented program that the school district offered only to those referred.

It changed my life! I learned the way every indigo child should be able. I was able to expand rather than close down.

But I also went through that dark night of the soul that most indigo's endure. I was hospitalized for anorexia and self mutalization three times. But I prevailed! I found answers and continue to seek, and to find.

Full circle. I am here! I have found a place where I and "my kind" are understood! Thank you, THANK YOU for the effort you have put into creating this site and bringing us together .