Adult Indigo Bio - Joshua

Ok lets see... I'm really not sure where to start. Ever since I began this life I had a feeling I was here for a special purpose, but then again I feel that everyone is. My early childhood was somewhat normal. My teachers and parents said that I was gifted and I felt it too but I wouldn't allow myself to admit it. I was raised in a strict Roman Catholic background and was constantly taught that pride was a sin and to practice humility. I think I took this "humility" thing a little too seriously because at a very young age I quickly developed what could be called an inferiority complex and refused to admit much that was good about myself. This has definitely become a stumbling block in finding my truth. Also since a young age, I had an interest in the paranormal. It always facinated me and I constantly wanted to learn more in spite of being told that psychics and such were fake or that believing in them was a sin. For some reason I later stoped Christianity all together feeling that it was holding me back from developing.

When I was younger I used to think I could see and hear what I thought might have been "ghosts". I remember one day sometime around the summer of my third grade year my family left me to clean the house. This was my punishment for not wanting to go with them (I still don't know where they went). As I was vacuuming I started to hear voices in one of the back rooms. I couldn't entirely make out what their voices were saying. It sounded like either a toned down argument or a very serious discussion. I got so scared and hid behind one of the chairs in the living room, crying and curled up in the fetal position praying that what ever it was back there would go away. At some point I heard the Leggo bucket get turned over only to find out later (when I was feeling some what brave, and my family was back) i found the bucket sitting upright in the center of my little brothers' room. It was always kept in the closet of mine and Zach's room. Of course it's possible that it was moved there earlier in the day. My parents never found out about this until about a week ago when I told my mom. Things like that seemed to go on frequently during those years, just not quite to that degree. I soon learned to close myself off so that I wouldn't have experiences like these again (strange how now I find myself wanting to open myself back up).

well... I have totally rambling waaaaaay too much. Love you all. PLUR (Ed. Note - PLUR means Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)