Adult Indigo Bio - JonathanB

Kid: Draw lot of pictures, lot of big creatures, giant mosters, dragons, snakes, fish, and a big bloated monster-castle with swastika in it's eye. I believe I had reptilian and nazis existence not so long ago. When I do not focus on my third eye, I get easily frustrated, irritated, sad or broken down. It seems that my third eye is beyond karmic influence, but when I get "down" into my causal/astral body, I easily fall from grace. I know now that I was one of the destroyer of Atlantis in the Virgo Era. Ouch!

Adolescent: felt in love with so many girls. always had weird and/or romantic visualisation at night. Never tried to get a girlfriend. Discovered myself bisexual, without any shame. I started to have a personal sexual relationship with myself at the age of 6. I also started to speak with my ANIMA (see Jung psychology) at a very young age. I don't feel as a human being, not yet. I am discovering myself being in the spiritual realm since my birth. I am only slowly beginning to incarnate. Like a fantasy elven noble creature, I will probably reach adulthood at 40 and start aging at the age of 200... or more!

Adult: Discovered I was a divine being capable of co-creating my own reality at age of 18. Found my first boundaries right after reading some new age spiritual book. Awakened my kundalini up to crown chakra at 20. Became the Brahman. Tried to fight the mental energy of new age dogmatism, tried to fight the polarization with the ancient christian energy. Discovered both to be infantile, gross, stupid philosophy (christianism AND new age). Now I want to ascend like the true Yeshoua Ben Myriam did, and fight any who oppose the divine will of Ra. ;-)

Future: Get married with my sweet soul mate [Myriam], become the greatest genetical engineer the world ever known, and then ascend to the eight heavens. I met her in perfect synchronicity, as described by Carl G. Jung, and James Redfield "Celestine Prophecy".

I am 23.

I have a fully developed third eye, and a fully developed heart chakra. Both cause me great suffering because I am so open, the entire world makes me feel like being the antechirst. Sometime I feel like I'm a true demon from hell. I feel like being Krishna Consciousness embodiment, avatar. I feel like being the lowest larvae in the entire universe. I feel I am The Creator, and you all come from Me. I feel so much emptiness. I feel bad. I am so happy, full of positive energy, truly optimistic. I am weird. I speak to Christ, YHWH, Greys, angels and demons. I want a girlfriend, I want her now. I need love. I need to feel unconditional love from God Jesus, goddess Myriam, god jonathan, new ager, christians, buddha the void master, I think I'm gonna die from being indigo all the time. This is all your fault!

Well, that's what make me feel I am indigo. Thank you. ;-)

I draw this kind of stuff.

Jonathan "Rainbow Child" Bernier