Adult Indigo Bio - Joellen


I am 57 and first found out I was an Indigo when I read the book "What Color is You Aura", took the test and cried. It described me to a T. I am a nurse and therapist, living in New Hampshire, relocating here from Penna. in 1983 after a divorce.

I was born in the Scranton, Wilkes Barre area of Penna., the elder of two children. I have felt "different" all of my life. My parents used to tell me as a child, all the time, not to stare at people. They fascinated me and I loved observing them. I would cry many times as a child and sometimes as an adult, with a deep longing to "Go Home." Highly intelligent, been tested with an IQ over 150. Never studied, but aced tests all the time. Got straight 100s in Chemistry in high school and nursing school, wanted to do chemical research. At that time, there were no school guidance counselors to tell me I was so smart, I could get a scholarship to college. Boys also came first then and my brother was sent to college, whereas I had the choice of nursing or secretarial school.

Difficulties with my mother all of my life. Father understood me but died when I was 12. Lucky enough to have a grandmother who was deeply spiritual and just like me - she understood. Left home as early as possible, going to nursing school in Philadelphia at the age of 17. Deeply spiritual all of my life. Not religious, but spiritual. Walked out of catechism at the age of 9 when told by the nuns that I would go to hell if I went to church with my best friend who was Protestant. Told them that my God was not like that and wouldn't care if I did so. Never went back. My mother was scandalized and embarrassed. My father supported my decision.

Have been called a radical and rebel all of my life. Am highly creative, innovative, unorthodox. Am a catalyst for change. Rose to the top of my career early and have stayed there. Have always challenged authority, questioned things that I don't agree with. Disliked by some, loved by many more. Leader always, with a passionate following. Have created wonderful, innovative programs in mental health, sought out frequently to develop pilot projects because I am unorthodox and innovative. Have been a Director of Nursing twice, a Vice President of Mental Health Services for fifteen counties and a program manager multiple times. I currently own a counseling business and founded a 501(c)3 organization called i Dawn Institute which is committed to peace, healing, transformation and the awakening of the human spirit. Do a lot of work with kids. The "indigo" children "know" me and I have been extremely blessed to occasionally be able to teach them and give them what I did not have ehnough of as a child.

A number of men have had difficulty with me because of my independence, determination and refusal to fit in a box, thus three marriages. Need a constant challenge, need always to be creating something, changing things for the better. Major advocate for the underdog, the disadvantaged. Extremely sensitive to others and their needs. I do therapy not on a mind to mind basis, but on a soul to soul one. I always KNOW what is going on with other people. Don't know why I do, I JUST DO!!! Have worked most of my career in mental health, usually with "fringe" people, viet nam vets, the mentally ill, substance abusers, troubled teens, the gifted, domestic violence and sexual abuse offenders and trauma survivors.

Unusually sensitive. "Feel" things. Severe allergies and used to have asthma. Cured that myself. Loud noises "hurt" me, as well as bright, unnatural light. Too many people make me feel boxed in. Became interested in the holistic in my 20's when they thought I had parathyroid cancer. Developed a large kidney stone and two "kissing" duodenal ulcers at the same time which are supposedly symptoms of the above. Told me I had to have a third of my kidney removed. I told all the doctors to f--- off and went home. I don't know what I did, but I remember thinking that I had a choice: To continue to be so sick or to get on with my life. I chose the latter and the kidney stones and ulcers disappeared and have never returned. At this point in my life, my spirituality greatly expanded. I have had several "enlightening" experiences, see faces in rocks and trees.

Hate cruelty, stupidity in those who should know better, hate the boxed in regimes of the school systems, the law, medicine and business hierarchies. Create my own rules. Currently at the point in my life where I am "writing a new book", not chapter in my life and seeking a new and exciting challenge for the rest of my life. It is a very exciting time!!!

I would love to hear from other Indigos.

Namaste' (The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you), New Hampshire