Adult Indigo Bio - Jason II

Hi there, you cant imagine what a relief its been to finally discover there are others like me out there. I came across the indigo children website by fate (all things happen for a reason) while I was looking into aura research for myself as I have been able to see my own aura for the past 6-7 years and are now starting to see others as well as animals and plants.

My life reads like all the other bios posted here. My childhood was a very tough one for me, I grew up in a very conservative and small town in New Zealand and hated school and the whole school system, my teachers reports were the same every year..."Jason is bright and intelligent but does not pay attention in class, is always day dreaming and looking out the window..." I had a very strong dislike of the whole method of teaching and didn't understand what the point of school was, it just seemed like a waste of time, pointless to say the least. I managed to just scrape through high school helped by my marks in Art and computers, I was always creative but couldnt concentrate on any one project for too long unless it was something I really liked. I had an uncanny nack with fixing computers and always knew instinctively what was wrong with a pc, the same went for people!! I could read someone's feelings when they entered the room, sense someone's unease or unhappiness. I was bullied alot through school because I never fought back. I just didnt understand what violence and hurting people was all about. I didnt have the male ego 'thing'. It was very confusing for me. I didnt know why I was different. It seemed unfair.

I was always fascinated with the meaning of life and why we are here since as long as I can remember, I used to spend hours just pondering life or go to the library to read, always looking for mystical or fantasy related subjects/occult in particular rather than play sports with the other kids. When I left my home town to go to the university I was desperate to leave my small town and discover my true self and meet other people. I was disappointed to find that university wasn't much different, I studied psychology because I wanted to help people and had a natural talent for empathy and for putting myself in other peoples shoes, I now understand that I have the ability to literally step into someone else's shoes and feel their feelings and fears and emotions, this used to happen all the time and I didnt know what it was for years I thought I was losing my mind. Anyway after completing 1st year I realised that psychology was all wrong and just about statistics and outdated models of thinking, basically putting people into different groups instead of looking at each person as an individual so I dropped out.

Also at that time I had started smoking pot and discovered that this allowed me to take a step back and relax and be happy. However it also made me become totally withdrawn from society and feel even more alone at times. I had little contact with my family at this time, largely because I felt guilty about my poor acheivements and frustrated that I didnt have the desire for material things like other people had. I considered suicide a number of times but couldn't do it because of the pain it would have inflicted on my parents. This was the only thing stopping me at the time. I felt as if I was a level above everyone else and that the world was a cruel and uncaring place that I refused to be part of!

Anyway moving along, I spent a lot of time at the library at campus reading philosophy and anything different from the norm I could find. I used to look around the room at all the people frantically studying and wonder why I wasnt content to be just studying. It was about this time that I started to work out how my mind worked and what the meaning of life was etc.

Then I moved back to my home town, found a good job and life was looking up, this is when I discovered a local group of new-agers which helped me immensdly to understand that there were others out there who didn't fit into society in the usual ways also.

So this won't get too long I will summarize the rest... At this time I meet a soulmate which dramatically changed my life. We became partners almost immediately and had a very strong psychic connection. We could read each others thoughts and feelings easily and there was coincidence after coincidence. I became more aware of my full potential at this time, we had an incredibly intense and at times very difficult relationship but also very rewarding for 2 years. Then we split up and after a while I decided to go travelling and spent 3 years in London. During this time my vibration was lowered considerably and I lived a life of excess and fun times forgetting my true self for a while but also mostly I was very unhappy. Then I came back to New Zealand and in the last 2 years have regained my strength and sense of purpose.

I am now the happiest and strongest I have ever been. I am fine tuning my abilites and learning new things every week about myself and the power of the mind. I have a strong understanding of the meaning of life, why we are here, how the universe works and so on which is very comforting for me, and every day I am learning to put my beliefs into action, to practice what I preach! This is where I'm at now. Throughout my life I always felt that humanity was moving quickly towards self destruction and now am very concerned for the planet and want to do everything I can help. I have had a lot of visions of our future lately, some good, some bad. For example the sharemarket (Editor Note - share market = stock market?) it looks like it could recover. It will recover for a short time (1-2 months or less) but a global recession is going to follow very soon.

My intuition has always been very strong and I have seen the future happen in my mind many times. I have theories on how 'seeing' the future works and am close to understanding it. I used to call it intuition but now I like to call it 'Direct Knowledge', or just 'knowing'.

Well this is getting very long for a bio so thats all, I have lots more to say about the future, my thoughts are that a global war (on a smallish scale) will happen but that it is a necessary part of our evolution and that it will all work out for the best. Sadly though there will be huge destruction and poisoning of our atmosphere, but collectively we as hominids with the power to shape our reality with our minds will rebuild our planet from the ground up and all will be well! Trust me on this! Anyway thanks for reading this and love and light to all!!

PS. I too have a violet colour overlay on my indigo aura, this is some sort of protection and disappears at nite when I'm alone and then there is only indigo.

Cheers Jason