Adult Indigo Bio - Jason


My name is Jason and I believe that I'm an Indigo child. I'm 18 years lod I was diagnosed with ADD when i was in first grade. I have been into spiritual studies and learning about different religions since I could read. I'm going to go for Reki 1 & 2 certification in a couple of weeks. My mom is giving this to me for a graduation present. Anyway for one year I refused to take Ritilin and it's been hurting my grades because I go to a fairly close minded school. It's really hard. Plus people seem to think that I am too much into spiritual studies and its turning into an obsesstion ( I cant spell today sorry) Everyone keeps pressuring me what are you going to do with your life. I just keep thinking spiritually and I keep saying that I'll know when the time comes but I'm just so confused. Part of me wants to be a psychic reader and a reiki/herbal healer but the other part wants to please my family. I have put them through so much already and not to mention that I'm also gay - And I'm going to have to put my mom through that also soon. I feel like a burden and I'm very hurt. I don't know what to do. I'm sorry to burden you with my problems but I dont know who to talk to. Nothing seems to help.