Adult Indigo Bio - Ixel

Hi! My name is Ixel Yutzil, I'm 25 years old and I was born and actually live in Mexico City.

I've been traveling by the self knowledge and inner seas for almost 12 years (although I deviated from it for 2 years when I enmeshed in to rationality traps of the economic and polytical system... but I'm back). My soul trip began when I started to feel a deep depression feeling because my soul could not understand why only a few people saw the beauty and magnificence of life and living. I coudn't undestand why people suffer and hurts to their brothers and sisters (rational and not animals).

Fortunately I always have had a lot of love from my parents, sisters, friends, lovers, and even strange people. I always have enjoyed very much to meet and love people.

Along the way, I have met sensitive and lovely people, and quaintly all of them feel pain whith the others pain, and more over when the reason is very stupid (like power and material wars).

Since last year life (and material and no material guides) push me into a exceptional world in which the strength of light and love is the esential thing. And in this travel I recently found this group on Internet waves, and it's funny but in last two days I have magicaly found a lot of loving and bright wisdom and I want to share it with you and learning of you. This is a short abstract of my life (this one) and I'm glad to share it with you.