Adult Indigo Bio - Isarcenciel

Thanks for welcoming me.

I am French. I live near Paris. I am 38 years old and have 3 daughters Jessica (11), Morgane (Indigo of 5) and Eden (Indigo of 4)

I first heard about Indigo phenomena last september, but definitivly I am... I'm of that kind of royalty (my parents have always spoke of pride), have a sort of gift for everything I want to concentrate on, am on some spiritual quest begun when I was a young girl, have loneliness, emotional sensibility (excessive some time) but always strong inside, an incapacity to accept doing something if i am not OK with the reason why I have to(even at work), disgusted with politics, religious or other movements, except some humanitary and care organizations.

I always knew I had something to do...and have been waiting for years and years.

I understand my daugthers much better now, and I know I found my way: I have to help those small blue ones during their infancy. There is nothing, here in France to do so...just ritalin, and hospitals. I begun working with our family doctor. He told me there is about 30% of new born children that are "hyper active", as we say here.

I met other adults just like me, and we are sharing our experiences.

My loneliness came to an end, to some extent. In fact, I realized I was not to blame, but just different.

My name is Isabelle, but I use a nick name: isarcenciel. In french, "Arc en ciel" means rainbow, some kind of a bridge of many colors between the old world and the new one we have to create.

Peace Love and Light all around the world.