Adult Indigo Bio - Gabriela2

Hello everyone, My name is Gabriela and I'm 31. About 4 days after I was born I got really sick and was in and out of hospitals until I was about 2. I have my childhood and pretty much my whole life quite blocked.

Most of what I remember form my childhood is fear, I was scared all the time, i actually stopped being scarred when I was like 22 and a psychiatrist gave me Rivotril, I took it for 8 yrs and stopped in March, I had an awful episode and started going to a different theraphy with someone who doesn't believe in medicating people. She introduced me to this world. I have been interested in methapisics, energy, karma and our capabilities as human beings all my life.

My Dad used violence with my brother and I until I was about 11, I really feared him, I actually don't remember but one time that he beat us but I do know I was scared, my brother is 3 yrs older and he used to beat me too (thank God that part of my contract is over!). I don't know how it happened, but I love my Dad and respect him, we've had a great relationship since I was like 18.

I never liked school, I was either too intelligent or too stupid (according to my teachers) and always distracted. I was very sensitive and emotional until I was about 9 and then pretty much closed myself up. I didn't let anyone touch me after that until I was 19 when I had sex for the first time, even then I didn't have healthy relationships.

When I was little I used to fly, my brother too, I don't remember much of it but my Mom and my brother do. My Mom is indigo.

I finished school and got a degree because I felt indebted to my Dad. The only job I've had that I really enjoyed was teaching so I will go back to teaching and introduce Kryon and other activities for my students. For a while a was a drunk, too wild, too eager then I was so depressed I didn't know myself. I'm working on me now and can actually say I'm happy and have a wonderful husband and a great marriage. It took me 2 yrs of stubbornness to be happy with my husband, thank God and the universe that united us and didn't let us separate.

Now when I know I'm getting scared I just talk to myself and remind me that everything is love and I have nothing to fear.

Gabriela - Idsun