Adult Indigo Bio - Iason

Greetings I,

My name is Iason. I am a 25 yr old Indigo male. This Indigo thing by name is recent news to me. Let me explain how I have been turned on. My partner and I are having a child soon and a friend says,"you should learn about Indigo children. I think you are having one." So I research. I find two sites, indigochild and metagifted. I find a mirror. Not only do I resonate with this Indigo happening but I see the color. I will expound on this later. First let me give you a brief character analysis.

I was in the whole school system talented and gifted thing. I was taught to make the connections I so recently have made thanks to divine inspiration. I placed consistently in the 99th percentile of all the kids in the nation taking standardized tests. Not a score, a placement, ranking, etc. I abhorred the system though. I took the test in a tenth of the time as my average classmate and I wanted out of the ridgidity of this monotonous school structure. So I set out to learn. I do not learn in linear terms. It is a multidimensional view I perceive.This led me on a quick though oft arduous spiritual quest that resulted in what I think is a deep spiritual understanding. I am closest to walking in a co-creation paradise than ever before. I am often immersed in moments of bliss, where the Ancients, the All and I all laugh together knowingly. At these times I am flooded with the feeling of ancient knowledge, mirth in the highest degree, that always comes to me in a lattice-like, integrated honeycomb cell-like information/energy system that radiates, contains and illuminates all of existence in pure Love and Overstanding.

There is another aspect of this lattice. I see it as indigo energy. This is probably where subjectivity should be noted. I possibly see the lattice through my own very Indigo energy system which therefore colors it that way. This has been a consistent in all of my states of consciousness for years, this lattice. Back to the Indigo immersion of late. I'm on these sites for three days, amazed at the depth of what is being portrayed, intuited. I know I am Indigo, I am recognized, others are recognized, Who is recognizing us and what do they know? This is where it really happens. I am outside on a break from reading and watching the auras and life sparks of the night hawks as they fly through the evening lattice when I make a wild connection. I focus my Intent on the matrix of energy and notice it responds to my consciousness. As I notice, a bird flies into the area of affected content, and accounts for the change in energy I consciously created with the lattice. It hits me full on. Healing, Magick, Intent, Miracles. An ancient connection made real for me.

After standing in bliss, laughing the eternal laughs with the Ancients and the All, I decide to go back on the web on my computer. I want to investigate the people that recognize Indigo. At this point I know what I am to find. I just didn't realize so soon. I found the Kryon dissertations on the Cosmic Lattice. I am so High and soooooo in Love with this all. Right in this talk 98 percent of what I had intuited over the last years was made clear to me.

I am really interested in this Work. I am curious if communities are being established on a large scale for Indigo work. I am curious if others are aware of this too. Is this why Indigo children are important to such a royal degree? Are we the first to actually recognize our connection with this lattice? I would love to hear from you. There is so much more to all of this than I can say, I hope you all intuit the level of syncronicity that is occuring around us always.

In Love. In Light. In Mirth. By Right. Until we speak again.