Adult Indigo Bio - Goddess

No Indigos before 1966? Hogwash.

however, i would like to set the record straight: i was born 12/31/1956, seven minutes to midnight in Phoenix, Arizona. i remember every day of my life from nine months of age, and several days prior to that time. at nine months, while napping, i escaped my crib (climbed the bars, lowered myself) and sat on the floor with blocks, making words with the blocks, so i could tell my mother something special. Mom came in the room and was angry with me. i didn't understand the words, because i didn't know the language yet, but the mild anger was there. i looked up at her, looked down at the blocks, several times, until she picked me up and put me back in the crib. i was so sad, because she didn't see my message. "LUV U" was what the blocks said.

i always knew i was "special", and had my first deja-vu experience at age three, while wearing a cape and thrusting a golden sword around the yard: i had done this before. at age four, my first spirit child came to me. do your children have imaginary playmates? trust me: they are there. the babbling of a two-year old at someone who isn't there? they ARE there. things "moving" in their room? they are.

at age five, i fashioned tarot decks from playing cards, using jokers from other decks as the major arcana. i could tell you every card by "feeling" it from the back; never missed. i had no idea what i was doing until i saw my first "real" tarot deck at 14. i ate dirt. i had to, it was necessary, it had memory. i licked rocks, i had to, they had wisdom. i ate poisonous plants, just a little bit, tasting oleander flowers, eating pyracanthia berries, i had to, they taught me things. (Editor's Note- I do NOT recommend eating poisonous plants and flowers. I did this at age 8 and lost my vision and most of my hair from it. I nearly died from this.)

i astral traveled every night after bedtime. i moved toys in the dark so my sister couldn't see; the oldest sister caught me all the time, she was amused by my abilities. i starting reading and writing at three, and graduated to the newspaper at four. my thirst for knowledge was endless, and still is. i started first grade at four. they wanted to move me to second, then third. Mom said no, i was too tiny. at age eight, i told all the misinformed girls at school the facts of life. not just about menstruation, but sex and love. i always knew, no one ever told me. a "know-it-all"? I'm am still accused of that today, but it has become nice because i am 44 and people like that knowledge. I'm asked many times how come i know so much about things I've never done. i just tell them i read a lot. my favorite is computers. I've never NOT known how to run a program. i liken this to the collective memory of crows: i have the collective memory of indigos before me, and when i die, i will pass that on to the indigos yet to be born. this is why there are more indigos now. i was never a child. i never did child things. my father used to say, "she's been here before". he was afraid of me. he's not now, because he crossed in 1987 and visits me frequently.

we had a wealth of literature at home, left behind by previous homeowners: "Grimm's Fairy Tales", "Grapes of Wrath", "Of Mice and Men". at age seven, bored with childrens' books and loving the books at home, i asked the librarian at our public library if i could have an adult card, and venture forth into that section of the library. she laughed at me, told me if i could read EVERY book in the children's library and prove it, she would give me an adult card. 20 months later, in June of my ninth year, i proudly asked for that card. every book had been read. i hate Henry Huggins to this day. the librarian said i would need my parents' permission. they gave it. i got my card. the library was my oyster, the books its pearls.

i went swimming that late afternoon at the public pool, as i always did. at sundown, i hit my head on the bottom of the pool, and was knocked unconscious. although there were other children having swim lessons, and lifeguards teaching them, no one saw me, i assume because of the way the light hits the water at that time of day. i know this because i watched from above. unseen hands lifted me to the surface, turning me upright, floating me until i regained consciousness. as i came to, i had no fear, just pain. i had a slight concussion, and unequal pupils and headaches for several days. thank goodness for bangs, because they hid the awful bruising and swelling on my forehead. but my gifts were altered. the spirit children were no longer in true form, they were half children, shadowed by their energy. their voices were wavy and high. astral travel? no more! psychokinesis? a thing of the past. read cards from the back? i don't think so. i spent the rest of the summer in the adult section of the library, reading Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, etc., trying to find out what happened to my lovely gifts, why were they taken? i can still communicate with those that have crossed over. i can still smell and taste and see and hear their memories. it's like watching one of those old-fashioned flip books, you know, flipping the pages to make it a movie, instead of the Technicolor Panavision of my young years. i miss it. i still use it, and work on my psychic skills daily.

as an older Indigo, i can tell you this: i did not "lose" my gifts, my gifts were taken from me because it was not the right place, not the right time. the time is now, and this is the place, planet earth. love your children, and respect them. help them grow. do the same with your animals, their abilities are strong. animals communicate with each other telepathically, and so do indigos with their own kind and with their animals.

i have two indigo sons, ages 25 and 20. i never wanted children. the first was a "how did this happen?" and the second was a miracle that almost didn't happen. i was meant to have these children, and they were meant to have their gifts. these gifts are a burden to many males when they are young, and they must find their own way. they will be fine. I'm glad i have them, i love them so. i also have a wonderful husband, my true soulmate, who understands me completely (or pretends to). my family never thought i would marry, who could stand me? but they didn't know what i know: my husband was chosen for me a long time ago, he was meant to be here with me, especially now. he himself has some indigo qualities. he does not dream: he had a seizure at around 18 months, and i believe it robbed him of his ability to remember his dreams. what a shame.