Adult Indigo Bio - Desiree

I guess it's time after reading all your e-mails and bios that I give you mine. My name is Desiree and I am also older (45), I am married to a wonderful guy, very much the visionary, named Wil, and we have three children, Chris, 23, Ken 19 and Laurel 15 who all happen to be indigo kids themselves. We live in Dallas. I'm a teacher and my husband is an actor. We are soul mates that have been together through 5 lifetimes. My aura colors are violet/crystal, blue/sensitive tan/indigo.

I've always known that I was different from my classmates and friends. Things that interested me were always different from my friends. I was the one that liked the Classic B Sci-fi movies when everyone else was watching Love Story. I remember scaring the pants off my parents because I became absorbed in a Time-Life Series called Man, Myth and Magic. They finally threw the books away, but that didn't stop me. It seemed that I sought knowledge wherever I could find it and I still do. It was on one of those knowledge searches that lead me to you guys!

I have had a sense in my life that in previous lives I was connected to ancient Egypt. I am strangely drawn to anything involving Egypt as though some memory of a past life continues to be with me in this lifetime. I also remember having powers in another lifetime. Good powers, used for the betterment of mankind. I'm trying very hard to recapture those now.

I also have the sense that I was put here for something great. I've had that feeling since the early nineties. My life quest really began after I read "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. Seems that I inherently understood what he had to say and was unconsciously practicing a lot of the insights. My life path since then has led to many discoveries. I found out that I have a measure of telepathy with my husband and especially with my second child, Kenneth. I am also an empath and have been able to heal without any training. ( I need some work on grounding and ridding myself of negative energy, because the last two times I tried it, I became ill). I seem to be able to tell what's wrong with people medically from just listening to them and being in the same room with them. My hands it seems are always very warm or hot, especially the palms. People seem to like my touch, it puts them at ease and relaxes them.

My life mysteries are just beginning to open up. I've enjoyed reading your e-mails and checking out the web sites you have recommended. I prayed for a teacher and/or a resource, and it looks like you all are the manifestation of my prayer. Thank you for reading my bio.