Adult Indigo Bio - Daun

Name: Septi Daun Shannon Johnstone - direct translation (Indonesian/Gaelic)

Born: September, 1982 Bandung, Java; Indonesia

Live: (currently reside) Ashland, Oregon

Current Age: 19yrs

Current Occupation: Food/Changer - A youth willing to begin now to change today so that tomorrow can and will be a healthier space for ALL. (Working for HeartLight Education/CWG-ReCreation)

Recent Life-changing events: Left the "system" (school) to pursue work FOR THE CHILDREN - - as a bridge between Youth and Adults - - Helping to create an Alternative to the current "educational" practices of society.

Background: This varies with which particular stage I "was/am/to" be in my life. So in short I was born in a far-off-land, adopted, lived/grown up in U.S. for all of my knowledgeable life. Learned many lessons (the hard way) on the way - - faced many hardships - - grown and journeyed thus far.

First insight into my "unique" world: At first I was 6 yrs old, and later at age 10 I had this dream.

I was in a rainforested surrounding(s). I was a child, fairly young, but old enough to remember. I recall climbing a dirt road to the top of the hill, and there in my sight a huge white surface (circular in shape) and bowl like. I remember walking on it and touching the surface with my hand - - which felt smooth, like a sand-dollar. I recall seeing also 3 distinct tower-like structures in equal distance from each other, and positioned around the white surface - - at the top there was a huge wire or cable which suspended directly in the middle and above the center most point - a triangular cage like structure. I was with my mother (not same physical appearance of mother in real life) and some man, we were all wearing white clothing.

I told my mother this dream and asked her many questions. She recalls to this day my experience and me inquiring about the origin(s) of its occurence. I asked her if we had been to or visited Washington (state) - - my reasoning for this was when I was 5 yrs old I had the knowledge and impression that Washington had many trees, because it was dubbed the Evergreen State. She replied, "no". I kept asking her, for reassurance we hadn't actually been - - true that we hadn't. Mom discussed with me the possibility that it was from a past life and that I was reincarnated - - this is where the knowledge of reincarnation stepped into my knowledgeable life. Nonetheless, I let it go and put it behind me.

Four years passed and we had moved to Oregon, now 10 years old I had started to watch a television program called the X-files. Well (@10yrs) I had the dream again. Told my mother, and asked her again and again...still hadn't a clue. One night I was watching X-files and the prelude began with the screen filled with rainforested trees - - and aerial shots of the vision - - with the white surface, the three towers and the suspended structure in the center above that I saw at 5yrs and again at 10yrs old. I was so excited, yelling, "That's it! That's my dream! That's what I saw! Remember that dream?!" Anyway, it turns out what I had seen was the Arecibo Telliscope - which is in Puerto Rico.

You can't honestly believe a 5 yr old can full out up and IMAGINE something so vast - vivid - and distant, and then again years later for no reason. If you can, can you convince me as well?...

I spent some and much time researching this in depth, to see if I could reveal anything about me or the connection with this real-life place. Nothing has come to me and I am now 19 yrs old. Though I have evolved, transformed and truly grown since then I still seek the answers to my past/present/future.

General knowledge Re: dream: Arecibo Telliscope in Puerto Rico, used SETI (Search for Ex-terrestrial Intelligence) project. Here's a link to see what I saw:

So from there to here I continue to work as bridge for humanity - - my work at my age/committed to testimony of what is possible.

Peace be w/you and may you have a safe journey.

Daun S. Johnstone