Adult Indigo Bio - Cyberglyphy

Wendy ...

I have subscribed to your Indigo-Adults discussion list in Yahoo! Groups. I fit virtually all the criteria for inclusion, though the definitive test may be what color Nancy Anne Tappe would see around me. [Digression: the colors Nancy Anne Tappe sees around people is a phase-shifted perception of the nervelight emission spectrum or the electromagnetic radiation of brainwave frequencies a person's neural activities produce.]

I was most probably an Indigo child ... public school was hell for me ... so was working in conventional office environments under top-down structured command-and-control heirarchies characterized by absolute authority and compulsory obedience. Oh yes, as a child I was labeled as "emotionally disturbed" ("nuts!") with "ADHD" and drugged with Ritalin between ages 9 and 11, from 1965 through 1967. My current age is 45 years.

My given name was "Bruce Gordon", though I prefer to be called "glyphy" after the home-based business I run from my computer. The business is called "CyberGlyph" and it evolved from the job I stole from my last employer in 1990 .. I walked out on them feeling undervalued. Since they could find no adequate replacement for me in my functional capacity ( I melded my mathematical knowledge with emerging desktop publishing technology to produce mathematically accurate charts, graphs and diagrams for college mathematics textbooks, something I can do very well and be allowed to do it in a context of maximum personal autonomy as long as I meet quality and production scheduling requirements) my final employer, a textbook illustration studio, outsourced most of their mathematical work to me. CyberGlyph has been in operation since 1993 ...

My lover, the proud mother of a 13 year old Indigo girl, brought the "Indigo Child" phenomenon to my attention and when I saw entries in the Metagifted site index pertaining to Indigo adults I felt myself compelled to investigate. My lover also happens to be a special education teacher in the New York City public school system.

I feel so alien in the context of the social mainstream and its authoritarianism and conformitarianism, so my writing you feels sort of like, "E.T. e-mail home!" ... heheheheh ... It has been so lonely and frustrating having been an incomprehensible One of One trapped in the world of the Others of Many for all these excruciating years ...

Your Web site and discussion list have imbued me with hope ... that finally, perhaps I can find the help I've been searching for in order to remember what my mission on this Earth in this lifetime was to have been before authoritarian society damaged my spirit and clouded my inner vision ... I have bookmarked the

Thank you for being here, doing what you're doing!