Adult Indigo Bio - Crissie

I was born in the Colorado Rocky Mts. (Colorado Springs), March 12, 1970 at 2:57am. My mom says I was supposed to be born a month earlier. Now I live in NJ. So, I guess I was confused at birth too.

From the time I can remember knowing I was different which was about 2 maybe 3, I remember my nightmares. I still get them today but now with more truth to them. They're more like prophectic dreaming but with people close to me or if I go thru a town where a children has been hurt (It's got to be the day before or the same day) I dream I am that child. Those dreams would take forever.

I always can remember having a sixth sense or gut feeling about danger and death. The time I was with my grandpop at an appliance store this older woman had this look about her. I kept trying to get grandpop's attention. He would say hold on, someone is talking over and over - then she fell over down two steps. I had to be about 4. Then about 7 my grandpop died in front of me at the top of the stairs on the land little hall. There was no reason why I had to go up the steps after him I sensed I had to. I was sitting next to my mother and happened to look over to the other row of pews. There is a man I had seen before. I said, "Mom look there is something wrong with that guy". My response from her was, "Shhh you are in church." Forgetting that only I could see this and no one else, I bugged her again. Then he started to tug his tie down, he started to sweat, then the tie came off. Now I now it's important to get my mom's attention. "Look, mom, look". She doesn't see it. "Mom, really look. Can you see it?!" She replied, "It is kinda hot in here today." Well he noticed that I noticed something odd was going on. He had that look in his eyes like 'please help' - just like the older woman. Well then he fell over. Ok now I can not go on about this anymore. {crying}

How about seeing auras? I think I can do this without crying. I still read them around trees and plant also animals. I touch one of my dead plants it told exactly which child poisoned it. ok that is enough about death.

How about the why's! I didn't go to Catholic school, so I had to go to CCD. Don't ask I can't remember what it stood for. My last year the nuns helped me cheat on the prayers to get me out of their hair. Why can't you marry? Why don't we know all the missing years of Jesus? What if he had children. How come the priests always talk about marriages when they aren't married? Why is sex so evil because you can't have it? Get my point! They wanted me so far away from them.

Now a little about how I can feel other people being to close to me and in my space. I am not a huggy and kissy kind of person. When I feel well enough to take on your problems I can. Like Roeg in Xmen. I can feel you're pain. For example when I was about 5 I went down the steps to the kitchen to get a drink and the TV/news was on they were showing what they do to baby seals their screams still ring in my head. I could go on not all death but the pain when I talk about just like it just happened.

I was diagnosed with all kinds of depressions but none of their medicine worked. But I do have an anger problem, sometimes I think it has to do with me taking on everyones' emotions. It does get overwhelming and having 4 children and bad marriage doesn't help either.

When I was about 8 I saved my girlfriend [she is like a sister]. We were walking and a car pulled up. She went to the car. Light blue Dodge Aires - can't forget the car and the guy - I have a mental picture of this guy. Anyway he grabbed her. As small as I was he was not taking the only other girl on the block! I grabbed her waist kicked off the car. We fell to the ground. She was in shock that actually got her away from him. When we fell we landed on me on cement I had no scratches or bruises. We never told our moms' until we had children.

One day I was hanging up clothes 3 of the 4 children were inside and the twin boy was raking leaves. For some reason I took all the clothes down and started to put them back up!?!? [if u go in the laundry room you can't here a thing] So I was putting the clothes back up and I hear a mans voice and my son's voice. Where I was at they couldn't see me. Realize 1 min. to one bridge 2 min. to the next one and 3 min. to the next bridge, I go to the sound of the voices and this guy kneeling at eye level to my son. He was asking about a dog. I put myself in between them and told the guy there are no dogs here but mine. He shuffled off. I called the cops of course. Two months go by and I saw him on the news. He got caught molesting children. While I was watching everyone turned and looked at me! I was in shock. I saved my son from being molested!

Mother's intuition they call it, but what about when I was 8? Or am I here to help children?

Sometimes I think there is no use for all that I have to offer, because it only comes up when it wants to. I need to learn how to use it better or something.

I have a hard time saying saying I love you! To me it's just words or maybe it is that I haven't learned to love myself.

Thanks for listening,